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Well done Dave & Garry. Best Autographica yet.


We arrived on Saturday about 8.30am and had no problems parking. After collecting our Gold Passes and VQ Tickets. There was just a short wait till the 'doors' opened. We met Bruce McCandless first (who was the main reson we was going) and then the rest of the astronauts & cosmosnaut including Jim Lovell and Fred Haise.

It was also a real pleasure to meet the two RAF pilots George 'Johnny' Johnson & Eric 'Winkle' Brown who were very polite and friendly as indeed was everyone including the other collectors which we met.

'Johnny' Johnson took the time to show and name all the crew of his Lancaster and went on to explain how Peter Jackson the film director might feature the Sorpe Dam in his new Dambusters film next as the orignal film did not.

The room downstairs which was opened up for light snacks was also very welcome. OK, not the best sandwiches in the world but very reasonable we did not wan't to risk the well known fast food restaurant nearby as in past years we had eaten there and had dodgy stomachs afterwards!

All in all it was a great day.

Can't fault it. Well done all involved!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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Guest Dr jones

I had a great time to - I was worried about asking Steven Berkoff for his autograph, even though i worked for the company that bought him to the show lol, i had heard lots of reports of him being rude. To my suprise he was actually nice and we had a long chat....he was probaly more friendly as he was being paid to attend lol. But still a nice guy.


Andreas was great and really chatty, same with Gavan and Stanley Morgan. Overall a great day!

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