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Whispers from Beyond the Veil

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My other decent attempt at fanfiction, also posted from schnoogle.com for viewing pleasure.



Again, disclaimer/age rating/ description included.


Just realising now, formatting may not be accurate - or maybe part of it is to do with my settings, either way...


This is a philosophical look at the other side of the veil in OOtP.


Again, comments welcome.












Title: Whispers From Beyond the Veil (Story Text)

Author Name: Third Phoenix

Owl the author: here.

Rating: G

Spoilers: OotP. Written between Order of Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince.

Genre: General

Era: Multiple Eras

Main Character(s): None

Ship(s): None

Summary: This is my interpretation of what occurs on the other side of the veiled archway in the Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (Though why you haven't I don't understand - I've finished it three times now!)

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. I apologise to anyone who recognises any sort of element of their fics in here. I've quoted one line from the book, that's just to give the context of where, for me, this piece fits in.

Author's Notes: This is my first ever attempt at any sort of serious creative writing. Yes, at nineteen I�ve never previously written anything seriously � a few things for school, and some university coursework (which I took seriously but required little creativity!). This takes place when Harry and his friends FIRST enter the room with the veiled archway, not during or after the battle with the Death Eaters.




"There were faint whispering, murmuring noises coming from the other side of the veil."


(Order of the Phoenix, Page 683, British Hardback version)


'Why is there someone talking when we can't see them? Are they wearing an invisibility cloak? But if they are, why can't Hermione hear them? Why can't anyone else hear them? Is it another snake? No, there's Luna, she can hear them too...maybe this is another thing limited to those who saw someone die...' thought Harry, then he became totally transfixed.


"Is there someone out there, Gideon?" murmured James, more intent on his chess game with Edgar Bones than the thin but eternal veil that divided them from the living.


"James you know he imagines it more often than it's real, and even if there is it's probably just Croaker again," laughed Lily, "remember what he was like when he first entered Auror training? He was worse when he was being polite than you ever were to Snape, and you hated him!"


"Uhh, I think this is slightly bigger than an investigator, guys, seeing as he looks like he's on both sides at once..." came the awed defence of Gideon Prewett.


"So who is it? Don't tell me - someone's brought in a portrait of old Barty! That would explain it, right?" countered James.


"Uhh, James, it looks like you out there..."


"Don't be daft, Gideon, my husband's been dead for fourteen years!"


"Yeah, but out there he only looks about fourteen or fifteen, Lily...wait...James, did you ever have a scar on your head? Or charm your eyes green?"


"Nope, never green. Pink, once, for Valentine's Day...but it went kinda wrong and turned my face pink instead...my eyes stayed brown. And as for a scar, I think I'd remember that but nope, I don't - that ain't me out there Gideon."


"How old would your son be now, James?"


"Voldemort came after us all...there's no way he killed us and just left Harry!" screamed Lily. "Caradoc, tell him he's seeing things will you, there's a good chap."


"Uhh, Lily, that's a curse scar...and Harry would be here with us if he died, right? I mean, Edgar and Debbie's kids are here with us, and they're around the same age as Harry, right?" murmured Dearborn.


"What are you suggesting? Harry survived?" came James.


"You died for him Lily, maybe it protected him? Remember, Bob and Kate were killed before Edgar and Debs, to hurt us, but with you, Harry was left to last...maybe Voldemort wanted just to make sure you couldn't protect him with magic and forgot about love?" That was Edgar Bones, killed after being forced to watch the torture and death of his family, suffering the worst and showing the Death Eaters that he could feel emotion. They had wanted him to beg for the release of his family, but even under Imperius, even weak and emotional, he refused be so completely broken. He had killed many of the Death Eaters coldly, and was willing to use the Unforgivables to bring in a suspect if more legal but less conventional curses were successfully blocked.


"So it is...it must be..." James had wandered over to the veil, forgetting about the game that was sitting there. "He looks so like me...Lils, he's got your eyes all right...but what's he doing in here without Sirius? And why so soon? I mean, sure, I want him to see the old offices if Dumbledore still has them in the Ministry, but I told Sirius not to show him until he was twenty-one, not fifteen!! Wait, who's the girl? She looks worried about something..."


"Whoever she is, that is definitely a Weasley," breathed Lily with glee. "I wonder is his father Arthur? Remember that poor fellow's love of Muggles? But one of the best if he'd only been sensible and joined the Aurors..."


"Be thankful he didn't, Lils, he'd have used one of those things - firehands, weren't they? - before his wand given half a chance," whispered James.


That's firearms, dear," she corrected, without noticing.


"Harry," James shouted, hoping maybe his son could hear him, "go find Sirius! Or if he's used his head, use the mirror to contact him, don't wonder about us! Go!"


"James, Bode told us, all they can hear on the other side is a whisper...though they are trying to figure out if maybe there can be a subliminal message for those who seek the veil," Edgar said placatingly, hand on his blood-cousin's shoulder. "C'mon, forget it...he's your son, he's gonna be smart enough to go after Sirius soon. I mean, who'd leave that idiot alone for any length of time, especially in the Department of Mysteries?" he asked, with a hesitant laugh at the last.


Suddenly, Harry stepped back and the group of what were clearly students in uniform ran toward the main room of the Department of mysteries. As they did so, those through the veil could see their friend and colleague Alice Longbottom clearly in her son, another Weasley - the first girl in three generations - and a dreamy girl who was certainly a Lovegood - though none of the friends had ever knew the man well, her father was surely Marcus, for his only brother, Brutus, was killed in Voldemort's rise to power. The friends settled back into their routines of chess, knitting, taking care of the Bones children, talking occasionally with the others who came their way, and generally waiting for another investigator. Occasionally, Lily or James would take a walk to the administration block - where everyone was sorted on arrival, though the reception block was on the other side of the compound, and that was where it was explained to all where they were - it was this way so that large groups could arrive and be sorted without serious upset to the general administration procedures - and they would enquire about some of those they had known before crossing over. Few had joined them - though old Armando Dippet had certainly arrived and was continually experimenting with new potions, though he did find that many ingredients were considerably less obtainable than they had been before he arrived. Those, though, of their own generation, did not usually arrive, though old Johnnie Figg, Arabella's husband, had come to see them a few days after crossover.


Lily always checked for her sister. It was with mixed emotions that she took the news that Petunia was still living - they had never really been close, and Lily always feared the horror her sister would show when told that they would be sharing eternity in the same compound - there were no others for them to go to, no divisions of criminals or geniuses or wizards - here, everyone just was - including that pet goat Aberforth still seemed to go around with. But for Lily, the arrival of her sister would be her one moment to reconcile her family.

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