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  1. menmeryiset

    Photos - a polite request

    She isn't talking about adult group photos, she is talking about adults with children! How can you compare a mother and her children to groups of adults getting photos? Its totally different. The mother/father is paying the amount themselves from their money as opposed to 3 or 4 adults ,who make money themselves, splitting it between them. Its not the same at all I think a cut off age would be a great idea. After all they are only getting one photo between them. A family photo deal would also be a good idea :)
  2. menmeryiset

    Future of RingCon

    Thanks for telling us whats happening, we really appreiciate it :) I am sad that its not going to happen and am sure you made a valiant effort to make a go of it I look forward to seeing some LOTR guests at other events :)
  3. menmeryiset

    Future of RingCon

    *seconds what Orlandopassion said* There are so many guests that can be booked that won't cost as much as Mr Bloom :) I would be just as happy seeing them as one of the main headlining guests! They have just as much to tell us as the main members of the fellowship :) If the bigger guests can't be booked then go for the smaller guests, extras, tech peeps and suchlike. *holds up a banner saying 'support another show UK'*
  4. menmeryiset

    Future of RingCon

    I would probably book a regular weekend ticket if both of those guests were confirmed. I have been putting it off, because i was not sure the con would be cancelled or not. I think £400 for a gold ticket is extremely over priced considering the calibre of guests confirmed/planning on being confirmed. At another show germany, they don't have extra parties. The free parties and hanging out in the bar was one of the main reasons i went. If i got round to meeting the guests then that was an extra bonus. The atmosphere is what makes me want to turn up.
  5. menmeryiset


    As long as they were in LOTR's, i don't care how many times they have been to a con :) I would be just as happy meeting Craig and Mark again as i would be with meeting a first timer
  6. menmeryiset

    New guest will be announced soon

    They are cutting it fine as there is only 2 and a half months till the con is due to take place. I am still hoping it happens but if John Howe didn't even know about it, what hopes have we that more 'well known' stars know about it? I am hoping we are wrong and all is going fine, but most other cons have more than 1 guest confirmed 2 1/2 months before it takes place , so whats the hold up?
  7. menmeryiset

    When is an Autograph, an Autograph?

    An autograph to me is either the full name or first initial and surname. It doesn't take long to sign your name and the stars pretty much know what to expect when they appear at a convention anyway. So they should give the fans a decent signature. I would not consider initials as a proper signature but if it was free then i wouldn't be complaining :) If i had paid for it and they signed as initials, i would ask for my money back because they can't possibly be so pushed for time that they can't at least sign their last name and their first initial.
  8. menmeryiset

    New guest will be announced soon

    Oooooo! I can't wait!! :) I have been waiting for some more guest announcements for ages *gets milk and cookies and waits*
  9. menmeryiset

    Programme Announcement for Ring Con

    Sounds like fun! :) I am looking forward to this a bit more now :)
  10. menmeryiset

    The Undertaker

    I would love to meet him!! Its a shame they don't have any Wrestlers booked for this show, as i would definately go if they did
  11. menmeryiset

    Are you going?

    As great as the lineup is, theres no one that interests me attending at the moment. If they announce some WWE wrestlers then that would definately change but until then, i doubt i will be going
  12. Ooooooo! I can't wait! *hopes for wrestling stars*
  13. menmeryiset

    RingCon tickets to go on sale tonight

    Not sure about day tix but i am assuming there may be some. Its taking place in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel at Heathrow and if u get the £75 ticket u have to pay extra for the banquet and autos and suchlike
  14. menmeryiset

    RingCon tickets to go on sale tonight

    Awwwwww! I want to get the silver ticket but being a full time mum and freelancing, i can't afford it right now I hope there are still some left when i can afford it , which may be in a few months time
  15. menmeryiset

    RingCon tickets to go on sale tonight

    They are still not up