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  1. I'm still not having any luck. Are there any more rooms going up and can we be notified when they do? :/
  2. Of course, Too Tall. I didn't mean to hassle anyone, just wanted to see if more rooms would be added. Thank you so much :) <3
  3. To be fair I don't even care if it's a twin. Surely more rooms are going on sale because they expect most of us to stay there. Right?
  4. Because I really need to book my room. Life has been too hectic in the last few months. XD I'd reaaaaaally appreciate a queen room to book at the reduced rate.
  5. Hope some more doubles get released soon. I'm coming with my BF and it seems ridiculous that I can book a twin but not a double when they cost the same amount and the beds in the hotel are zip-togethers anyway.
  6. I have no idea which costumes I'm wearing so I'm probably going to bring them all and wear whatever I feel like. I have: Baseball Blue Smock Birthday Volterra Prom Eclipse Cafeteria Battle Training Eclipse Promo And errmmm probably some more that I don't remember since I can't look in my wardrobe as I'm at the BFs place.
  7. David: If only we could just go to those people or send them messages, but we can't. We never find out WHO is saying these things about us, we just get it through the grapevine so to speak. And other people were posting passive aggressive messages (which I happen to know who they were aimed at) on this thread long before Sam got involved.
  8. DavidB: I've not really said anything up till now (Been too busy to get on here since last night) but I seriously doubt any other attendee of the cons gets as many people either bitching behind our backs or going to the staff about us when, as I'm sure most of you crew members will vouch, all we do is run around and have a good time with our friends at the con. I know there's a lot of us in my cosplay group and thus we attract a lot of attention but honestly sometimes I wonder exactly what we did wrong to make so many people dislike us. Some people dislike us as soon as they look at us, it seems. If people had a problem and wanted to contact any one of us we'd happily talk to them, but no one will ever come to us and that's even worse because we know we're upsetting people but don't know how. How can we ever rectify the situation if no one will tell us what's wrong so we can apologise and try to set things right?
  9. Thanks Hattie, Claire, and queen-of-hearts. Your support means the world.
  10. I'm so freaked out. Within a space of 12 hours (3am to 3pm) on Friday my boyfriend had 2 seizures. We don't know what is causing them. The first one was just horrible. We were being erm... intimate... at the time and he started to scream and convulse and his eyes rolled back in his head. It took me and my mothers boyfriend (who I screamed for) to help me hold him in place so he couldn't fall out of the bed. It took him over 20 minutes to come round enough to be lucid. For the longest time he looked at me like he had no idea who I was, and even once he seemed to recognise me he couldn't really form words. The second one I saw coming. He'd been twitching on and off for 20 minutes before the first, and it started to happen again. I told him another one was going to happen, he said he was fine. I told his father who said not to worry he'd go talk to him but was sure it was nothing. Within a minute of this Jon went into another seizure and I had to call for another ambulance. He's been admitted to hospital and will have CT scan today. We have no idea why or what's causing it. I survived friday on about 2 hours sleep because I was so worried I wanted to be awake if anything happened. I was forced to come home last night and take sleeping pills so I'd actually get some decent sleep and not make myself sick too. Can anyone think what I can do to cheer him up? He has a book to read, I've been told a portable DVD player might not be smart in case of flashing images, etc. The only thing I can think of doing is taking in the stuffed elephant my friend gave me when I got sick with fibro, that has been my constant companion. It seems silly but that elephant means a lot to me and it could take care of him when I'm not there. I'm not the praying sort but his family are Christian so I'm sure any prayers, good thoughts or positive energy sent his way would be appreciated. Please can we all hope that the doctors work out what is going on soon. He's only ever had one seizure before and that was year ago. This was the most terrifying thing I've ever witnessed and it took till I'd been awake 29 hours before I broke down in a flood of tears. It took 2 hours after the first seizure for my panic attack to ease enough I could stop shaking. I'm so scared for him. I just want him to be okay. I'm going 5 hours away to stay with the Cullens in 10 days and I'm not sure I'm going to want to if they still don't know what's wrong with him. Jon means a lot to me. Please keep him, me, and his family in your thoughts. He's not been visited by any of his friends so I'm fuming about that. All of my friends have been texting, calling, tweeting and facebooking their well wishes about him. He's been in hospital since 3am friday and won't leave till monday at the earliest.
  11. I use ben nye concealer to even out my skin tone and then follow it with a heck of a lot of collection 2000 powder in the lightest shade they do (which I think is ivory but I could be wrong). It does help that i'm damn pale anyway haha.
  12. I enjoy cuddling up to the wolves when I'm wearing glitter for my costume. It's hilarious. Poor Tyson got re-glittered at least 3 times a day during LFCC. XD Don't worry guys, my Cullens will be there and we'll easily outnumber the wolves.
  13. Samward wanted me to tell you guys that the Eclipse companion is on amazon for £5.50 right now :)
  14. My mum is SO excited, she's a huge trekkie. And I love Patrick Stewart, he's a legend. So we're totally buying photo tickets.
  15. There are plenty of teen attendees, people on benefits, unemployed... people who scrimp and save to find the money for these cons. This is ridiculously unfair on those people. I for one would not mind if the tickets went on sale early, as long as we were given ample warning!
  16. I'm thinking I might do that Alice costume from the Eclipse stills, it looks easy to pull together and nice and comfy (which is a big must for me!) but I want to see the movie first and judge which costumes I like best before I commit.
  17. I seem to remember us all being told that when we wanted ET3 tickets at Proms.
  18. After the huge s***fit everyone had about the ET4 tickets being sold early do you guys REALLY think this is a good idea? I mean... WTF? Not everyone here is going to be able to pull that much money out of their ass at such short notice. This is just getting ridiculous. The tickets should be sold at ET4.
  19. I would actually be scared that David would run off with my Cullens and replace me. He'd make such a sexy Alice.
  20. Wow, that is actually epic haha. Now I feel even more proud of myself. ^.^ The calibre of the entries was very high, I know how amazing some of our cosplayers are. That said, it was an incredible ego boost for me at a time when I really needed it, and that is kind of a prize in itself haha. Thank you again. :):) Well if you dont want your actual prize Vicky I'll have it I don't mind Oh trust you, Samward. XD I said the ego boost was a prize, but that doesn't mean I don't want the fun tangible prize too. XD
  21. Wow, that is actually epic haha. Now I feel even more proud of myself. ^.^ The calibre of the entries was very high, I know how amazing some of our cosplayers are. That said, it was an incredible ego boost for me at a time when I really needed it, and that is kind of a prize in itself haha. Thank you again. :):)
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