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  1. it was first time going to one of these thing surfy i had no idea what i was doing besides it was just an idea for this one iam not negleting the pictures at all espechally if theres any one from doctor who ( old and new ) there
  2. oh ok sorry hadnt realized my apoligies hows that
  3. ok befor i get started iam not sure if this is the right place to post this if its not i aploigise ok iam just wondering what youre first convetion experence was and how it go heres mine it was the convention held at the secc in glasgow in 2003 i wasent sure what to expect really as it was my first time but when i got there i was amazed at how well everythiong was oganized ( wichh iam usre will be the cmg this year) any case i looked around for dr who and xmen stuf iam partail to the older stuff so i was supprised to find stalls selling old vids of dr who and x-men book but there so damn expencive arnt they i think the dr who vid cost me 10-15 pounds and the x-men book 5 pounds t5here was also stalls selling toys props ( replicas iam assuming can you buy them ?) the best part was meeting boycie and marline from only fools and horses they were so polite ( i felt bad that they had all these photos ready for them to sighn and i had bought a pad boycie ask ii f i wanted him to sighn it i ask him if that was ok and he said of course ) we talkd about only fools and horsies as if we knew each other it was incredible i really enjoyd myself this year if i decide to go iam preparing myself iam taking more than enough money and iam bringning ann autograph pad with me lol so how about you guys ?
  4. yup i second that too ( yes iam aware that iam not the 2nd person to 2nd it just a figure of speech lol) tom baker whould be awsome als o a dalek ( if thats possible)
  5. sorry but i juts want to make sure this is in renfrew right not that far from erskine just want to be sure
  6. paul stanly from kiss rob halford dokken david bowie queen ( jhon deacon)
  7. iam from renfrew myself ( i live in bathgate now) so this is great news ive been looking for a convention near where i stay lol is this final
  8. as the title said thanks for letting me join to be honest it was the cmg that got my attenion but iam sure ill have fun ill add more about myself later but for just a short message to begin with once agin thanks for letting me join
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