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  1. Hotel Reservations

    I phoned the reservations today and they told me that the 'massive events' block had not yet been released but I could book my room and then in 15 days ring again to see if I could change it to the discounted cost. It cost me £76 per night which was cheaper than the price for the Massive Events discount but didn't include breakfast which is usually about a tenner probably but at least I have a guaranteed room (phew!).
  2. Halloween Ball - Saturday Night

    Me in a dress is scary enough.
  3. What did everyone buy & Who Did You Meet ?

    John Barrowman photo shoots (2), James Marsters photo shoots (2 (one saturday one sunday)), Eve Myles photoshoot, Autographs John and Eve on Torchwood DVD covers - personalised, the third one was autographed by Gareth at LFACC 07 again personalised. Party Ticket. Best purchase a pair of black slippers, they were sooooo comfy!.
  4. This time..

    Flutie is the one that got eaten by the 'hyenas' isn't he? I didn't like that episode it was very scary (to me).
  5. This time..

    You can count me out of the James Marsters fan club...give me Julie Benz any day Ok that gives us one less person to trample over to get to James
  6. This time..

    I keep checking the JML site .....
  7. Latest Guest Announcement Patrick Stewart

    Because he isn't here to defend himself and if I were him and I saw this lot I would seriously reconsider my appearance.
  8. Latest Guest Announcement Patrick Stewart

    Hey hey everyone - we are drifting back into the negative - lets stay on the positive, we have been doing so well.
  9. This time..

    I was kinda going for the toned supervixen look, in flip flops cos I am taller than him, but you are obviously thinking hulk. Nope I shall be the fittest bird in the building and James will only have cornflower blue eyes for me me me me. p.s. how do you spell delusional - is it with capitals? Darn when are they gonna announce!!!
  10. This time..

    You just want to see james marsters. How could you say that! I actually want a photoshoot and lil cuddle and a really fantastic smile from him. I've stepped up the gym visits already, gotta be in peak fitness to chase him down the street screaming his name and telling him I love him and we were made for eachother and and and .......
  11. This time..

  12. This time..

    Now then I don't want to get anyones hopes up but .... James Marsters is up to something from April 26 til May 4 2008 - can we hope its another 'spring fever' and 'collectormania' appearance???? - only speculation and hope on my behalf.
  13. Latest Guest Announcement Patrick Stewart

    Yay lets get positive about the man! feel the leurve!
  14. Latest Guest Announcement Patrick Stewart

    I may be a party pooper but if said person/agent/friends read this lot it would be doubtful he would attend any kind of convention ever again.