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  1. hey you may have read or seen theese but for animes i would say, gokusen, deserst punk, GTO, NHK, goldenboy, gin tama, cowboy bebop, jojo's bizzare adventure, she the ultimate weapon, tokko, berserk, fighting spirit, afro samurai And for manga give gin tama a read if you cant be bothered watching it jap with subs. Parasyte is a great read as well, if u havent already read it check it out. I kno of loads more if they dnt suit ur taste just messasge me.
  2. sadly i think collectormania manchester 5 will never happen. Showmasters cant seem to find a venue dispite many users pointing one out and they didnt make enough profit in previous events because of half ass advertiseing. So basicly they will just string us along forever because they think people frm the north would get pissed and stop going to other events. Aint that right showmasters? Just admit it. Fingers crossed for collectormania manchester 5 summer 2025! Lol
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