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  1. It was my first time last year and i decided to get the gold ticket, i have to say it was a terrific idea! First of all you get to enter the front doors first thing when they open which means you dont have to get up at 6.00am to get a decent position in the que outside. I saw people waiting out there for hours. Also you get a decent autograph pack with tthe ticket and the gold pass chill out area is a great idea when your out buying stuff. If you have the money to spare get it because you wont regret it, it makes going to comic con a far more pleasant experiance. I suffer from anxierty attacks so just the benifit of a little less stress on the day was worth the £175.
  2. I am sooooo happy with htis quest. Star trek voyager is by far my favourite star trek tv show and Tuvok was one of my favourite characters. He was in all 170 episodes and im just sooo happy that i will be able to meet an actor from my all time favourite show! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!
  3. Look, lets all agree that we have to get the full game of thrones cast. LFCC 2012 will be a laughing stock if we dont. Also, i just really love game of thrones.
  4. if we are blessed with the presense of miss gillan again, i think im going to go in drag as amy pond in her kiss a gram outfit. ill be sure to turn some heads!
  5. does the gold ticket get you in on friday? as well as saterday and sunday. Are these early bird times as well? thanks.
  6. OH MY GOD!!!!! its freaking mouth from the goonies!!!!! Ill would spend a fortune on this guys autograph
  7. cool guest i guess, but i must say i would of liked to have seen ANY OTHER guest from the polls. He was probably the least wanted guest out of all of the guests in the poll. I really hope showmasters manage to get another guest from the polls because all of the others are FANTASTIC!!!
  8. i am from scotland and i have never been to london before so this would be perfect for me. Id love to meet everyone. Im in!
  9. Thank you for this, i have been ridiculed my whole life for liking sci-fi and fantasy and would hate to be made fun of on a national level. Im 19 in june so i probably would have been a perfect candidate for them to pick on. It would of been easy for you guys to just let them do their thing but instead you stood up for your customers. I applaude you showmasters, you really are the best around. You have gained a customer for life!!!
  10. Im going to arrive just before the doors open, but jump to the very front of the que because i have a golden ticket mwhahahahaha!!!
  11. Who else is loving a game of thrones at the moment. It has to be one of my all time favourite shows already. I love the books and would LOVE to meet one of the main caste. The whole show has been expertly cast in my opinion and im wishing day after day for showmasters to name one of these actors for attending this years con. Who else would love to see some of the agot cast? Do you think there will be some game of thrones merchandise at lfcc, what would you like to see?
  12. For a couple of days now iv had trouble getting onto the forum here and it takes me several refreshes to get it to work, it says the server cannot be found. Im sure its not my PC at fault. Anyone else have this problem? Also, i notice the site hasnt been updated with pics of the new guests for over a week, how often is it updated? just curious. Thanks
  13. I will be, its my first time in London so im looking forward to meeting other people who will be at the con.
  14. haha, good for you, LFcc comes only once a year why not go all in!
  15. Hey guys this is my fist Con and im really looking forward to it. Just wondering how much you guys usually take with you for spending money for these events. Iv already paid for my flights and accomodation. So i just need to take money for food and drink and i plan to spend all that i have left on autographs and the stuff they sell on the stalls. So far iv managed to save £550 and plan to get another £250 together before i leave. I hope this will be enough for my impulse spending haha.
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