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  1. Now OBVIOUSLY, this is a massive guest announcement and clearly one heck of a major headlining guest! HOLY #CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry force of habit) HOLY BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. On ‎5‎/‎16‎/‎2017 at 11:38 AM, StuartG2198 said:


    You will not want to miss this. Set your alarms! Pencil your calendars! Important guest announcement on Wednesday 24th May @ 7pm!

    #LFCC #LondonFilmAndComicCon #Showmasters #Event#Convention #Autographs #PhotoShoots #Panels #ComicCon#London #Gaming #Cosplay #Comics #Memorabilia #Collectables#Displays

    The Showmasters Team


    Lets face it it could near enough be anyone that would be realistic at a con like this, I'm not reading too much into the whole way the graphics are laid out or indeed the wording because it could be a red herring to throw perceptive peeps off the trail.

    I'd  be really happy if Adam Hughes was the big guest, but, alas a geek can dream :)

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  3. I'm really surprised that no one else has commented on this thread about how wonderful a guest announcement this is, admittedly being a child of the eighties I grew up watching and enjoyed watching Spitting Image and its always nice to meet those wonderful people behind or indeed under those #Latex creations and for so long Jessicas name would be at the end of the credits on Spitting Image.

    There was at one point I did watch doctor who and the most memorable moment was the end sequence where Jessica scared the bejeesus out of me LOLZ!

    Finally, now, there is a wonderfully decent guest who will now see me want to attend to meet am really looking forward to this brilliant opportunity :)

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  4. Its not often one is winded and in temporary shock when they hear of a passing... This happened a few moments ago when I heard the VERY sad and tragic news of a chap, a gentleman and someone whom I addressed directly to his face a few years back at LFCC as:


    "A National Treasure."


    There are no words to describe how so many of us must be feeling right now :(


    Ironically I was only watching "1984" a few days ago and because of recent OTHER events it just has much more prominence now :(


    Dearest John, Rest In Peace Sir, Thank you for everything.


    Thoughts go out to his Family, Friends, work colleagues and legions of fans everywhere.



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  5. Sometime back I heard that they were going to be remaking old sitcoms, and practically had palpitations when I heard they were going to be doing a one off episode of Till Death Us Do Part, I was worried about who they'd get to be in the lead role, that of Alf Garnett and was so hoping that it wouldn't be the wrong choice.


    Last night on BBC Four the VERY CAPABLE Simon (most know him from The Fast Show) Day undertook the role of Alf Garnett, and straight from the get go I realised that this was by FAR the best choice, Simons look, the voice, the mannerisms, everything was just so spot on and without a doubt he did my Family proud- I certainly know my Grandma would have been happy with this.


    I'm really glad that Simon Day did Warren and the role of Alf SO much justice- and yes, I have publicly thanked Simon for this. :)


    While in that video she looked happier to sign for those dealers than at LFCC, her body language doesn't look comfortable with it.


    She must have seen that was being filmed and that's why she was more willing. Much like at her talk when the cameras were filming.


    On a side not now my diamond pass is falling apart. The plastic coating has lifted off!

    I heard Bruce Willis is a total jerk when he's not being filmed........



    Bruce Willis is one of those names that is synonymous with being funny with signing, I've heard a great deal said about his signing habits and his collaboration with Kevin Smith is legendary- Smith is certainly not a fan.


    I heard a lot stuff said up to and including the day of the RED premiere which was held at the Southbank if I recall, this was in 2010, we were up the top by the stairs waiting for Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis to come up which they did they stopped for some promo pics and we were given the "He'll do some press then come back to you." it just so happened that the area where we were wasn't that crowded and so we could move position with ease there weren't many people there at all, and so we moved to opposite the press... And then Bruce came over to us with the proviso that he would sign one each, he did the frickin line!!!! He signed my Pulp Fiction steelbook and certainly was happy with that- still am.


    Not sure how he is these days with signing though.

  7. Its kinda hit me hard, this one, first met Kenny in 2007 and was a real pleasure to have met him again in 2010 and subsequent years since, all who met him met a wonderful guy who's personality shone onscreen - yep this is a tough pill to swallow at the moment.


    My thoughts go out to his Family, Friends and those within the Industry for this very sad loss :( RIP Kenny.

  8. Ahhh, the "D" word, I have no time for dealers and these parasites are ruining it/in so many cases, HAVE ruined it for Fans.


    Was in 2011 I had the honour of meeting Mr. Oz briefly at the Stage Door, there was just me and another chap, at that point he came in the front way, a few days previous I had bought the Star Wars bluray and he was good enough to sign it/personalise, he also signed my Muppet Show Book and Season 2 & 3 DVD, he personalised all four items, was very kind to me even to the point of worrying about the ink rubbing off one of my dvds, he agreed to pose for a pic as well - it was one of the greatest moments in my life.


    Fast forward a week or so later when nightmares started surfacing about dealers shoving piles and piles of 10x8s under his nose, a good friend of mine whom only had Little Shop of Horrors on her for him to sign missed out - a FAN missed out due to the dealers.


    At the Larry Crowne prem later that year (I as a fan very much was looking forward to Mr. Hanks signing my Big DVD) he turned up didnt sign where I was and people around me started booing him, you dont boo someone just because they dont sign for you, nor do you boo someone who turns up late to an event it just smacks of inconsideration.


    Have seen stars in their cars being chased down streets by flipping dealers, and its not a pleasant site to see.


    I think the worst case of the damage the dealers do was something a good friend told to me a few weeks back, she is a very respectful, sweet, well mannered, thoroughly polite young lady who had gone to the Star Trek prem, Chris Pine wouldnt sign for her as he foolishly mistook her for being a dealer so clearly due to the actions of dealers a FAN missed out.


    As ​MURPH ​has stated Gillian Anderson was called an unmentionable word, this I heard of, as I also heard that Alex Kingston was also called that a few years back - seriously, what is wrong with these people?


    Yep, IEEERR I​ recently experienced the "BLEEPING FANS" comment when waiting for a very well known actor from a dealer- I had a ticket to see this actors show and very much appreciate what hes brought to the small/then big screen.


    If I recall there were a ton of dealers at LFCC 2014 and they'd all got Stan Lee before us FANS - many missed out due to them.


    But no, I'm no fan of dealers I never have been and never will be

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  9. I first started coming to these events in 2010 and attended, almost, albeit religiously, met a number of awesome people who I otherwise most probably wouldnt have met, this year I was only interested in Michelle Gomez for Green Wing and Rachael Stott, was half tempted to go for the Beverly Hills Cop peeps.


    But a few weeks back I spent a crazy amount of money on an actor whom I needed to complete a bluray for me, I feel that it was at that point when I more or less decided that within the short space of time that I've met those who've InSpired me in one way or another that I've met all who I've wanted to meet - although would be nice to get Stephen King to sign my Carrie novel at one point but I doubt that'll happen, so yep with the crazy money I'd spent previously I relooked at LFCC and why would I be going? I doubt I'll get the rest of the Green Wing cast on my boxset - plus I did happen to meet Michelle a few years ago.


    ANd in all the years that I've done LFCC this will be the first year that I didnt go.

  10. Just got back from seeing #SuicideSquad, its no spoiler here but. #HarleyQuinn totally steals the frickin show, Margot Robbie is phenomenal.


    As synchronicity would have it, it just happened that I was sitting next to my good friend and manager of my local comic book store, he frickin thought it was awesome as well.


    The critics dont know what the flip they are talking about, as this movie was damned superb, as much as by far my fav was Harley? Will Smith is also epic in it.

  11. After reading through all these comments I cant say I'm surprised by what I've read, first time I met Steven was in 2010 and I kindly asked him to sign my Autograph book he did so with a "'ere you are!"


    Then back in May it was possible he was going to be at a local film gala - I didn't have Beverly Hills Cop on me as he wasn't on the list of attendees to attend - turns out he had turned up, I asked if I could have a picture with him, the response "Nah, I've got a toothache!" I thought this was a bit strange as- well I just thought it a tad strange.


    At one point he sat down and had a sneaky cigarette outside $tarbuck$, felt quite interesting, "VICTOR MAITLAND OUTSIDE A COFFEE SHOP IN SAAAAAAAFEND!"


    With the gala there was of course a Red Carpet and so everyone was supposed to be walking up that, obviously so they could be briefly interviewed, get a pic or two taken for the local newspaper etc etc etc etc etc etc etc, Mr. Berkoff, chose to forgo the whole razamataz and made a massive detour from the red carpet and clearly didn't want any part of this.


    I saw all this with thine own eyes and was at that point I chose to not say anything on here in case he was having a bad day and didn't wanna ruin it for others, this also made me think "Do I really wanna go for him at LFCC now?"


    Think I made the right decision in not going


    First, may I start by saying that I've been attending Showmasters events since 2010, its where I really first started, I appreciate and respect the fact that Jason has got us some pretty frickin fine guests and i'll be forever grateful for two in particular, Jim Balent and Holly GoLightly :)


    I guess for some I may seem like a curmudgeonly old git, but I can be hip and down wit the kids yo, basically I care, a few years back I did my best for a number of friends who were grieving for the passing of a very well known celebrity and I was hearing all kinds of horror stories about those whom were grieving, I wanted to do my best for them, let them know there was someone who cared - I guess sometimes I don't come across as caring, but believe me, I am.


    With this forum there are us who've been here for quite some time, and there are newbies who always are joining up, in some cases this will probably be their first taste of a convention, I guess what I'm trying to say is different people expect or want different guests, some are most definitely realistic, peeps from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who to name three fandoms, there are then the guests that are like "WOW! YOU GOT GILLIAN ANDERSON?!?!?" all of us in 2012 were amazed when she was announced as we all knew how she felt about signing X Files, then last year Sigourney Weaver (another terrific guest).


    It was when people started thinking we'd see the likes of Harrison, (don't worry, I'm not gonna go into one here) Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Lucas, Stallone, Depp, Cruise, Jolie, DeNiro et al- and personally (for me) I found it heartbreaking (it actually upset me) that people were getting their hopes up thinking these massively big names would be in attendance - theres also the other factor for it, the price, with a big name comes the price tag and I've seen all kinds of discussions when people get a bit upset that someone is £1 more than what they expected.


    Personally, I stay away when a big guest announcement thread is made cos I don't like seeing people think it would be Tarantino or Dwayne Johnson or someone be told its someone EQUALLY AWESOME to another set of Fans.


    2014 Stan Lee was the big guest announcement and that WAS a terrific announcement, lets face it so many were happy and the same day Carrie was announced but without the big build up and people were still happy.


    At the end of the day, I would love to see everyone happy and get on but ultimately this isn't always realistic... Anyways am still hoping that Jason announces Michelle Pfeiffer, I would pay ALL the money if she was doing a photoshoot dressed up as #Catwoman ;)


    But seriously... I'm hoping we get Ian Smith as a guest so DavidB can FINALLY have some lovin' with Harold Bishop... ;)

    See, for me personally, none of those names you mentioned would be particularly exciting. Yet there's no denying any one of them would attract massive crowds!



    In the case of Jim Balent and Holly GoLightly, they were the two main reasons I went to LFCC Spring, both were lovely peeps and I got some cherished signatures on some of my #Catwoman comics.


    Very interesting you mention this as a few years ago at Collectormania I was talking to my Friends daughter about how excited I was at seeing a very well known stuntman, she argued the case that an actor from some major tv series was bigger, in this instance rather than time being an abstract concept its the size of a guest, Jeff Rawle for example in my opinion is a terrific guest as I enjoyed Drop The Dead Donkey and his role in it.


    Last year, Robert Watts and Dave Barclay were the main reasons I went to LFCC and I take your viewpoint that they aren't known to many as opposed to the likes of say Sigourney or Mads.


    I do remember, in 2014 (this I remember very well) we had a big guest announcement thread and the clue was "This is a name that everyone will know" and thus the speculation began, personally? I was glad it was Jett (son of Star Wars God, George) Lucas. :)

  13. I went to see it uttering the mantra, "Please be good, please be good, please be good."


    Found myself being kinda thrilled, kinda chilled, kinda brilled, I really enjoyed what I saw, some good nods to the original, cameos that saw me whooping, and by far my favourite was Kate McKinnon, one got the feeling that like Bill Murray before her, she adlibbed practically everyline, she was definitely the star for me and would go again to see it just for her.


    In conclusion? Trailers dont always sum up how a movie is gonna be, I liked what I saw. :)

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