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  1. my one and only guess is Camille Coduri. I love her i hope i'm right.
  2. yeah, at last years Bad Wolf i got photo's with anneke wills, lisa bowerman and deborah watling - all sponsered guests :) they were happy to pose because they're in the dealers room not the signing rooms.
  3. They do a group shot of the guests, but no you are no longer in them. This was a decision made awhile back for these events based on timings and organizing. Was too much of a stress and time-sap. okay, thanks. i will be happy as long as i get a photo of each guest, regardless of whether i'm in them. do we know which guests are doing photo shoots yet?
  4. well, i persdobnally don't, but at last years bad wolf there were quite a few 10th doctors, a very good 7th doctor and a few more i think. :) hope this helps.
  5. well, 2 down, 5 to go caroline john & sophie aldred, fabulous!
  6. alex kingston would be fab. maybe some classic guests would make 'bad wolf' perfect though. i'd like to see: anneke wills mary tamm caroline john lalla ward aophie aldred katy manning elisabeth sladen to name but a few
  7. i'm just thinking that if this is going to be ''the biggest dr who event of the year'', then maybe it shuld be a mix of old and new? last years bad wolf was perfect, i still don't see why it needed to change. it'd be nice to have a few ''classic'' guests, like anneke wills or mary tamm or peter davison. THEn it'd be an even bigger dr who event. it's just a suggestion. i'm still really excited about it though
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