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  1. Website about the appeal now online :) Oh.. and above autographs now on auction www.finnappeal.co.uk
  2. These are the autographs donated at the weekend.. should be on auction shortly: Big Thanks go to Anthony and Alan
  3. Have emailed Jason.. so fingers crossed will hear soon, unless a Mod wants to give permission :)
  4. Got loads.. but here's a few of the best ones :) The lovely Finn meets Kenny Baker Alan Harris signs a figure for the 'Flogg it for Finn appeal' Me at the end of a very long weekend with the lovely mr head Jawa from the 99th Imperial and Mr Head Jawa gets costume help from Mr Head
  5. It was her princess Leia outfit... :) The baby ones you get :)
  6. I found some too: Jawa and the lovely Mr Head
  7. If anyone has any pics of the winners of the kids section on both days - can you post them here please..
  8. Thanks to all who made this a great weekend. The 99th and Rebel Legion were costuming and raising funds for a lovely little girl called Finn Finn is 3yrs old and love peppa pig, all things pink and is a happy go Lucky Girl. She has primordial Dwarfism Type two and , and a mere 2ft 1 tall, weighing 14bl (wearing 3-6 mth old clothes). If anyone would like anymore info - please contact me. However my main reason for posting is to say: THANKS FOR ALL YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS AND SUPPORT. Total is over £330 and some great donations from some of the celebs, and showmasters are putting together some stuff for the charity auctions we will be holding over the next few weeks. I won't put linky up for auctions as I don't think I'm allowed.. and wouldn't want to break the rules... SO BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE... Finn attended on Saturday - here's a few pics.. Did anyone get a chance to meet her? Finn in her custom made crew T-shirt Finn Meets Kenny Alan Harris SIgns a figure for the 'Flogg it for Finn Appeal' Finn shows kenny her spotty tights
  9. Noooooooo... I really wanted to meet him... GUTTED
  10. I remember you, you had great costumes, especially the Chewbacca costume^_^ I thought the Storm Troopers were real lol I don't know what you mean - The stormtroopers are Real.... !!!!
  11. I woudl love to see some makeup artists there :)
  12. I seconf Pegg and Frost & Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh! Though I WILL embarrass myself if I meet any of them.... I proved that with the Red Dwarf guys
  13. Yep - I booked the PTI.. problem is... for those only wanting to stay one night - they won't let you book... two nights fine, but one night says not available... grrrrr
  14. Stqar Wars Costumers will be there too... The 99th Imeprial, Reble Legion and FFUK-North :) We helped judge the cosplay competition last time and was great fun.. can't wait to see you all there :)
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