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  1. Olivia-Ann

    Vampire Guests?

    Hey SM! Pretty please could you get some Vampire guests from things such as: -True Blood -The Vampire Diaries -Twilight -The Vampires Assistant -Buffy The Vampire slayer I know you have the Eternal twilights and you just had Edi & Tyson for the LFCC....but Eternal Twilight is really expensive when it all adds up & I couldn't make it to the LFCC....But I really wanna come to Collectormania so pleaaase? :) <3.
  2. Olivia-Ann

    Bring back the Bewley!

    So showmasters, could you make all of us Bewliers extremely happy and bring Charlie Bewley back for Et5? He was such a lovley guest and was loved by so many at ET3! He really loves his fans and he woud most likley love to come back! You already have contact with him, so why not ask. Thanks!! x
  3. Olivia-Ann

    Vampire Diaries con.

    Just making sure lol ;D
  4. Olivia-Ann

    Vampire Diaries con.

    Nope :) I just really want them to do one. So I keep posting about it all over the forum so hopefully they will end up doing one x
  5. Olivia-Ann

    Please Showmasters!

    Vampire diaries cast! They would love to come! They love their fans so much and If you want more money you should totally do this! 500+ turned up for the signing in london, thats a hole lot of people and a hole lot of money for you! Come one showmasters you know you want to!
  6. Olivia-Ann

    Vampire Diaries con.

    So with the huge hit that the Vampire Diaries signing was I think you should definatly have a con or invite them to the LFCC or something. They would happily come back to London and truley love their fans. So you should definatly get them to come! Pleaaaaseee!
  7. Olivia-Ann

    More Vamp guests!

    From shows and films like: Buffy Angel Twilight Vampire Diaries True Blood Especially- Twilight, The Vampire Diaries & True Blood :) <3.
  8. Olivia-Ann

    This guest please thats all i ask!

    It would be so amazing to have him! xo.
  9. Olivia-Ann

    This guest please thats all i ask!

    Haha, I know I have written a few asking for him. I just really want to get my point across haha!
  10. 1 guest would make me and alot of other people extremely happy: IAN SOMMERHALDER FROM THE VAMPIRE DIARIES please try your very hardest to get him <3.
  11. ROBERT PATTINSON <3 MICHAEL SHEEN <3 KELLAN LUTZ <3 SHOWMASTERS I BEG YOU! <3 They are nothing to do with Twilight. FAns would be very annoyed if they were announced. Yeah but like the author of the vampire academy did a book singing at ET3 so why cant hannah and hilly come?! XD x
  12. Olivia-Ann

    Come on showmasters!

    please can we get more twiligt guests! alsooo can we have vampire diaries guests preferably Ian somerhalder and he can come for the lost fans too x
  13. Olivia-Ann

    Anyone going to CM16 that's going to ET4?

    I may be, it's a trek to come up from wales to go to Milton Keynes And i still have to buy and get a room for ET4 x
  14. Olivia-Ann

    Appinelli Calling

    How do you become an appinelli? x
  15. Olivia-Ann

    Got a spare bed?

    do you know if she has facebook or msn? :) x