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  1. S'up Everyboday!! Paul McGillion just wanted to let everyone know that he raised nearly 3000$CAD for BC Childrens Hospital!! Massive Thank YYYYOOOOUUU!! to everyone that bought and bidded! it was all for THE WEE BABIES!!! :)
  2. She was at a chevron a few years ago she was class!!
  3. Id love to see BamBam and Ryan Robbins back over on this side of the pond!! both were hilarious at past Chevs!!
  4. I LOVED THIS! front row for both shows and it was class! I loved every minute it! BamBam is made of awesome and I love meeting him every time! Next time..Bigger stage..SWORDS!!!
  5. Probably a stupid question but is Ireland regarded as foreign order of UK order .. only decided today to try and get the Friday preview tickets.. (had to re-arrange work etc) Thanks!
  6. Anyone know if any of the Stunt People will be doing Auto's or anything??
  7. Anyone know if James Bamford or any of the stunt guys (if there are any others) are doing Autos or Pics??:)
  8. Not BamBams stunt shows..they are awesome!! Been to 2 of them took part in 1.. Come check it out ..you won't be sorry!! :) :)
  9. Hmmmm! Mark Sheppard Sean Maher Robert Knepper And if he is doing a photoshoot/auto : James Bamford
  10. This is truly going to be an Amazing thing to watch! I had the privilege of taking part in one and I can attest to the fact that Jaws will will be dropping to the floor at the awesomenss of BamBam and whoever else gets to join in on the fun *cough*James Embree*cough! I urge anyone that is still thinking about it to GO WATCH IT! Guaranteed the first word out of your mouth will be 'Woah!' ...well after you try and get your Jaw off the floor! Cannot wait to see it! Roll on July!
  11. I just realised something. You got the left side. Coincidence? could be... cheeky bugger!!
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