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  1. would so love to come to this and meet David Tennant, and i would have brought my massive doctor who fan boyfriend, but i have a wedding to go to. Damnit
  2. It's quality not quantity though. 2 of the best guests Gillian Anderson and Charles Dance are exclusive to Saturday. Suppose it's opinion. There is one guest I'm getting a photo with on the Sat (Not the 2 exclusives to Sat), whereas there are 2 or 3 I'd get a photo with from Sunday if I were going, or they were there both days.
  3. It's nice to see that whoever it is is going to be there on both days. Pretty annoying seeing guest after guest announce for the Sunday when I'm only going the Saturday. Of course I probably won't be interested in the massive guest anyway, I usually only go for the odd person from a couple of shows.
  4. Gutted beyond belief. Have been a fan since i saw him in cracker years ago. But I'm only going on Saturday :-(. So rubbish :-(. Only bought the sodding tickets yesterday as well
  5. i really want a picture with tony but am only coming on the Saturday. What are the chances of adding an extra shoot on the sat? He and holly are the only people i want to get pics with :-(
  6. Not there on the Sat then? Anybody me and blokey would want to meet aren't there the one day we can attend. That's me out then
  7. Yeah, that's why I was hoping they would announce the day either today or tomorrow . I hate leaving it to the event to buy things, it severely stresses me out!
  8. Any idea when the day is going to be announced? I want to come along, but work weekends and for some unknown reason had booked the Sat off, and I never cancelled it. So it's either Sat or not at all for me, and I would rather like to book a photo shoot in advance if he's there the right day.
  9. Very true. I did go through a period of writing to loads of people for autographs, but I'm now more into getting photos with people rather than their autographs. As you said, it's hard if you're not into something huge like Star Wars or Star Trek, because chances are there are always going to be people from those franchises attending events. I'm not obsessively into that many tv shows, so there's not that many stars I'd be mad over meeting - therein lies the problem lol. I really enjoyed collectormania last year - it was a great day out, and I even brought 2 friends and my brother and his girlf along as we all liked a couple of the guests. I'm really hoping for someone that floats my boat, as it was really fun.
  10. That is true - most people will have probably watched something that one of the SW people have been in. Unfortunately, I'm not really a big autograph collector, and wouldn't be fussed about someone who might have been in an episode of something I once watched. I'll only go out of my way to get to an event if there is a big draw for me. As much as I'd like a pic with Mercedes McNab and Phillip Glenister, it's not enough of an incentive to get me to take a day off work, and pay to get there. I'd need someone where I have an OMG reaction to like I did last year with Misha Collins and Brian Krause. Although I do realise that there are probably far more people having that sorta reaction to the SW guests than someone from Supernatural or Charmed. But we're all different right, and discussing it with my friend last night, we've both kinda given up with expecting a guest that we're interested in. I'm sure that everyone who is going to go will have a great time though. It's just a bit disappointing that neither the MK or London one are really appealing to me this year. But there's still time, and I may well be surprised.
  11. My friend and I went to Collectormania last year for the first time as there were 3 people we wanted to meet. And we've both put aside funds and time off work etc for this year in case someone comes up we want to meet. So far it's not happened. Unless there is a big guest from a show I like (which I know probably wouldn't interest someone else), then there's no way I'd use a days holiday for the list as it stands. I know Star Wars has a massive fanbase, but I actually can't stand it. My friend is a SW fan, but not even she is that bothered about meeting the people in it. I will continue to keep an eye out, and hope they get some guests from the shows I am interested in.
  12. I'm just bringing this over from the thanks thread... This was my first ME event, and it wasn't bad. I liked that it was pretty chilled, although the Sunday especially did feel as though there was a lot of waiting around. Maybe I wouldn't have minded so much if I hadn't had a stinking cold, but with not a lot to do, and having checked out of our room before 12, we felt a little lost. I know they were playing episodes, which was a nice touch, but it still felt a little light on the Sun. My main concern was the staging, if you weren't in the front couple of rows, then forget about seeing anything. I realise there were big screens which was great, but if you're only sat in the 4th row, I think it's ridiculous that you can't see the stage because the guests weren't sat high enough. Either the stage a bit higher, or something other than short chairs were needed I think. I hate to think how impossible it would be to see if it were a big con. Quiz was fun, but didn't like the audience having the Mike put in their faces - I didin't want to join in, and would have been much happier to just sit and watch without feeling like a bosom for saying no to answering a question. Although I appreciate that people do enjoy that sorta thing. I liked the casual way in which we got the autos on the Sat morning, we just joined the queues as and when we fancied, and even went to have a chat with Rob while there was nobody waiting for him. Photo shoots were well run, and liked that it wasn't rushed in the least, and Malcolm checked all the pics before telling you it was ok. I've had pics in the past where I've had my eyes half shut (not this company though). The parties weren't my thing. I think I went down for 40 mins on the Friday night before going back up to my room, then on the Sat, we popped down for 5 minutes before they announced they were playing cheese, so we turned round and walked straight back out again. I know convention people like cheese, and usually I'm a big fan too, but it just wasn't what I was looking for. Staff were lovely, very helpful, very clear with instructions etc.
  13. I took a few photos, but my camera didn't seem to like the lighting in the hall, so they're not very good. Here are a few The rest are here http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b196/zebedeebez/roadhouse/ Here are my photoshoot pics, I never get funny ones, but always go for huggy ones.
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