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  1. Yes, you may need to be a little more forceful. I only started getting responses once I'd mentioned trading standards. Certainly won't be using this company again; which is a real shame, as I loved some of the events. Hope the refunds are all sorted for everyone soon!
  2. FINALLY got it all sorted out and have just received my refund. Hope everyone else has their money returned to them too :)
  3. Didn't get the refund that was promised yesterday. Surprise, surprise!
  4. Finally got an email response! I've been promised a transfer on Monday. Let's see what happens....
  5. Sent another email to the office a couple of days ago, but no response.
  6. So far, I haven't heard from anyone who has received a refund. At least it's not just me!
  7. I really don't understand why we can't speak to somebody from the office. It isn't fair of them to expect QS to act as a go-between. They were quick enough to take our money; surely it should be the organisers who sort this all out with us. It's irrelevant to us whether they have another event coming up. The fact is, this should have been dealt with months ago. I think we all deserve medals for the amount of patience we've had!
  8. I shouldn't be. As I said, I've sent them twice already! I'll send you an email just in case.
  9. I'm waiting for a bank transfer. I thought they were pretty much instant these days? I had one from a family member last week and it was instant. Am I going to need to send my details for a third time?
  10. I think Gaknar stole the card machine
  11. Sending card details wouldn't have helped you anyway. I sent mine and have still received nothing. One of my friends actually got an email response and has been told the card machine is broken. Hoping it gets sorted ASAP. In the process of moving house and the money would really come in handy!
  12. I'm not fussed about the gift.Just want the money that's owed to me. If all else fails, I'll contact trading standards.
  13. Can we have an update on this, please? I appreciate that you guys are busy, but this is bordering on ridiculous now.
  14. Ah right. Was worried my email hadn't got through!
  15. Agreed. I'd love to book my travel, but can't until I know I actually have a hotel to stay in!
  16. I'd also like to know if the event is still going ahead. I'm looking to book my travel soon and that's certainly something I won't be able to get refunded if the event is cancelled. Hoping it's still happening, but the lack of hotel code this close to the event isn't exactly encouraging. I've been to every Hallowhedon so far, so I think it's a real shame how the hype has kinda disappeared!
  17. I'm jumping on the James C. Leary bandwagon! He was fantastic last time and he actually wants to be invited!
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