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  1. OH WOW! What a brilliant guest! Wish i had time to meet her!
  2. OMG!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!! YAY!! Finally Merlin guests that i have never met!! You have no idea how excited i am now!! And my bank balance is now crying XD But YAY!!! Ive been wanting to meet these guys forever have never been able to meet them for one reason or another and now i finally can! OMG!!
  3. SQUEEEE! I was sooooo annoyed that i missed him last year!! Cant wait to meet him, he is one of my favourite characters from GoT!! YAY!!!!
  4. Yay! Missed her last year so im glad i have another chance to meet her!!
  5. I live in MK and the taxi company that i use is Skyline and their number is 01908 222111 :) There is also Raffles which is 01908 222222 and Speedline which is 01908 260260 but ive never used their taxis before, but ive seen them about alot :) Hope that helps!
  6. OMG WOW! What a fabulous guest, ive wanted to meet her for ages!! Yay!
  7. OMG!! A Merlin knight! And one ive never met! SQUEEEEEE!!!!
  8. SQUEEEEE! Finally some Merlin guests being announced!! Soooo happy you have no idea XD
  9. WOW! What a fab guest!! Tyrion is one of my favorite characters in GoT and im really looking forward to meeting him!!
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