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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aLwRNdt_yR0 Here's the link to the cosplay video that was shot over the CFCC weekend! Enjoy
  2. Saw Pitch Perfect last night and thought it was fab. Great to see Anna Kendrick taking the lead and she has just jumped to the top of my 'would like to meet' list as a result. The film is nothing like Twilight but if you like Glee or Bring It On then I can highly recommend it
  3. How about.... 1930's - Rosalie's era Jazz or big band performance Vintage car for photo ops American candy Art deco Flappers and gangsters Lots of oppartunity to dress and a psycho bride wanting revenge :)
  4. Hi Just wanted to let everyone know that 10th Planet Events are taking orders for anyone that can't get to the event in person but would still like autographs. You can also send in personal items to be signed. Orders will be taken until mid day Wednesday 28th September. Check out the website for details Cheers :)
  5. Hi All Just to let you know that orders for autographs at LFCC if you can't attend in person closes at 5pm on Thursday Click here for more info
  6. Hi All Just wanted to come on and answer some of the comments. Firstly as TooTall said the price has yet to be confirmed and only showmasters can make that announcement. This being said we knew that a lot of you would be keen to pre-order autographs if you are unable to make it in person so we have hazarded a guess at what her price will be. As mentioned if her show price is less than what we have anticipated refunds will be processed - Its easier to give it back than chasing for additional payments. In regards to the comment about showing the images that are available; we dont know until we get to the show whats going to be on offer but if you wish to order you can request your image preferance and we will do out best to match it. If you are really keen to get a specific image you are best off sourcing it yourself and sending it in as a personal item. I hope that this clears thing up a bit and if anyone has future questions about the pre-order service please direct them via the website. Thanks Zoe - 10th Planet Events
  7. Hi All Really looking forward to this event but for those that can't make it don't forget that you can still get autographs from the guests attending by using the pre-order service. Check out the website for details www.tenthplanetevents.co.uk/collectormaina Thanks Zoe - 10th Planet Events
  8. Unfortunately Tenth Planet Events are unable to provide a pre-order service for personal items for RDA as they are under the same time restrictions as the attendees. They are however offering for personal items to be signed for all the other guests. Regards Zoe
  9. Tenth Planet Events run the pre-ordering service for those that cannot attend in person. Details can be found at http://www.tenthplanetevents.co.uk/collectormaina---milton-keynes-303-c.asp They charge the cost of the autograph at the show plus £6 per autograph for the service and the cost of postage and packaging. You can get the item signed on a photo provided by the event or send personal items to get your autographs on. Hope that helps Zoe
  10. I would love to see some of the cast from Dirty Dancing
  11. Having spoken to Derek, he is taking orders (on non personal items) until 8pm Friday so if you can't attend but still want your autographs please visit the website http://www.tenthplanetevents.co.uk/collectormania-olympia
  12. Daphne has only just flown back to the states after her visit to the UK for Dimensions and the signings so its doubtful. Sorry
  13. I'm reading that there are people now not able to meet Denis due to the change of day but there is no need to miss out on getting autographs as you can order using the pre-order service that 10th Planet Events run. There is a separate thread with all the details but I thought this might be useful info given the circumstances http://www.tenthplanetevents.co.uk/denis-lawson-
  14. Tickets for this years show are still available. You can get them online until 12 noon Thursday or on the door at the event itself. For more information or to buy online please visit the website http://www.tenthplanetevents.co.uk/
  15. It is with regret we have to announce that Paul Darrow is no longer attending this year's Dimensions however he will be at the Collectormania London show later in November.
  16. Hi Really sorry you cant make the show now. The service above is usually for people that can't attend and don't have tickets. I know that some people are getting friends to pick up their autographs by getting their confirmation letters to them with a covering note for the organisers to explain the situation. If you are unable to get anyone do get them for you, 10th Planet can get them but will charge £5 per autograph for the service plus postage and packaging. Contact http://www.tenthplanetevents.co.uk/contact-us-2-w.asp if this is something that you wish to do. Note that orders will stop being taken at 8pm today (Thursday) as I will be at the show tomorrow. Thanks Zoe - 10th Planet Events
  17. We are pleased to announce another sponsored guest. Terry Cooper will be joining us at The Holiday Inn, Great North Road, Seaton Burn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 6BP on November 12th, 13th and 14th Terry Cooper was born in the back of an ambulance in North London in December 1969. In his younger years, he was known as Rapster Tee, rapping in his band Best Shot, who had two minor chart hits (he still has the fake gold rope chains). He has qualifications in art and design and a degree in computer animation, but has totally forgotten how to do this so he concerns himself with the artwork side of things. Terry lives and works in South Wales as an artist and writer. He is also a professional voiceover artist, lending his versatile talents to many online audio productions and cartoons. His spare time is split between his two children, drawing, the Internet and dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow or as an Imperial Stormtrooper for the UK Garrison costuming charity. He has plans to develop one of his stories into a movie, but it hasn’t happened… yet. When he grows up, he wants to be the next Doctor Who.
  18. Keith Temple will be joining us at Dimensions. Keith wrote the Doctor Who story 'Planet of the Ood" as well as episodes of Byker Grove, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Casualty. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0854699/]www.imdb.com
  19. Can't attend Eternal Twilight 4 in person? This doesn't mean that you have to miss out on getting your autographs as we offer a service where you can order from the comfort of your own home All pre-orders are posted out within a few days of the event in excellent protective packaging to ensure your pictures arrive safe, prompt and in good condition to your chosen address. This service is open to customers in the UK, The USA and across the world. Click here to place your orders
  20. We are happy to announce which guests will be attending the Gala Dinner and to tell you what yummy things you will be eating. Dinner Guests: Daphne Ashbrook Jennie Linden Yee Jee Tso Beth Chalmers Paul Darrow Matthew Waterhouse Nicola Bryant Nev Fountain Charlie Ross Doctor Who Celebrity Dinner Menu Silurian Soup with Sea Devil Croutons French Onion and Cider Soup with Goats Cheese Croutons Jagrafress Terrine with Satellite 5 Chutney Pressed Chicken and Orange Blossom Terrine with Mango and Lime Chutney Smoked Adipose Pate with Miss Foster Toasts Locally Smoked Mackerel Pate with Horseradish Cream and Melba Toasts ***************** Breast of Jagrafress with Hadrojassic Chestnuts, Mushrooms and a Timey Wimey Sauce Chicken Breast with Roasted Chestnuts and Wild Mushrooms with a Thyme and Pinot Sauce Confit of Auton with Nestenes Lentils Confit of Duck with Puy Lentils Fillets of Rill with Chumblies Sauce Fillets of Plaice with Sauternes (French Dessert Wine) and Vine Fruit Sauce **************** Queen Victoria Lemon Posset with Wolf Snap Topping Victorian Lemon Milk Dessert with Ginger Snap Topping Venetian Meringue with Calvierri Berries and Blood Sauce Italian Meringue with Mixed Berries and Raspberry Sauce Profiteroles with a Hot Vashta Nerada Sauce Puffs of Choux Pastry with a Sweet Filling served with a Hot Belgian Chocolate Sauce To book your ticket click here
  21. Cuckoo

    Big Finish

    We are pleased to announce our MORE sponsored guests brought to Dimensions by our friends at Big Finish. Rob Shearman & Nick Briggs will be joining us at The Holiday Inn, Great North Road, Seaton Burn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 6BP November 12th, 13th and 14th Recommended accommodation bookings to be made direct with the hotel, using 0191 201 9988 and asking for Tracey, Janice or Kelly. Rates are £70.00 B&B (single) and £80.00 B&B (double / twin) please quote Dimensions 2010. To book tickets please click here
  22. Cuckoo

    Big Finish

    We are pleased to announce that Big Finish is also bringing Nev Fountain to Dimensions He will be promoting his new book and you will be able to hear extracts read by Nicola Bryant over the weekend. Nev is a multi-award winning writer, who has worked mainly in radio and television comedy. Starting out on Radio 4’s Weekending sketch show, he was given the Peter Titheradge bursary for promising new comedy writers. He is chiefly known for his work as principle writer on the award winning Dead Ringers, in both its radio and TV incarnations (alongside writing partner Tom Jamieson), but he has also contributed to a huge range of programmes, such as Have I Got News For You, The Impression Show, 2DTV, The News Quiz, Loose Ends and his own radio sitcom Elephants to Catch Eels, to name but a few. He is currently working on a children’s sitcom, Scoop, which he helped to devise. He is also a gag writer for legendary satirical magazine Private Eye. THE MERVYN STONE MYSTERIES - BOOK 1: GEEK TRAGEDY Mervyn Stone does not look like a special man. His nose is too big, his hair is always on the point of open rebellion, and he appears to have put his clothes on in the dark. He looks like a hedge which has been dragged through a man backwards. Mervyn was script editor of the BBC television series Vixens from the Void, a ‘Dynasty in Space’ soap opera which gripped the nation in the 1980s; an intergalactic, glitter-themed, shoulder-padded bitchfest featuring wobbly spaceships, wobblier women and the wobbliest performances ever. Mervyn is never allowed to forget his guilty past. The fans won’t let him. This is why, twenty years later, Mervyn reluctantly finds himself at ‘ConVix 15’, a Science Fiction convention. It’s a funny thing; it seems everywhere Mervyn’s dormant career takes him, there are murders. Here’s another funny thing. Mervyn, with his script editor’s eye for sorting out plot-holes in stories, seems to be the only one able to solve them. If only he’d taken that job on Bergerac...
  23. Cuckoo

    Big Finish

    We are pleased to announce our first sponsored guests brought to Dimensions by our friends at Big Finish. Lisa Bowerman and Ciara Janson Will be joining us at The Holiday Inn, Great North Road, Seaton Burn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 6BP November 12th, 13th and 14th Recommended accommodation bookings to be made direct with the hotel, using 0191 201 9988 and asking for Tracey, Janice or Kelly. Rates are £70.00 B&B (single) and £80.00 B&B (double / twin) please quote Dimensions 2010. To book tickets please click here
  24. For those of you coming to Dimensions we offer a little challenge: A golden ticket will be hidden somewhere in the hotel during the weekend and the person who finds it will be entitled to tea, for them and a friend, with the lovely Jennie Linden. Good luck with the hunt 10th Planet Events
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