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  1. He didn't cancel his radio show, he presented his Funk and Soul show as usual, and even mentioned that he would probably not be able to make it to the con. I enjoyed the weekend and can't really fault it in any way, but a few recommendations; As said previously, the drinks reception was very hot and busy. I gave up after a while and went back to my room. With the exception of Lockdown, all the ones I've been to were like that, so perhaps a bigger room would help. I've always thought it would be great if con attendees could get a free auto or photo session from a cancelled guest at a future appearance. Like, if Chris Barrie went to LFCC and Better Than Life attendees could show their booklet or something to get the auto they would have had he not cancelled. It would stop a lot of the frustration that occurs when the (inevitable) cancellations are announced. The main thing I am desperate for is for no more cons in Bedford. Please! The transport issue almost put me off going to this. I did think it was a one-off though and that Massive Events are now using Northampton again, but my heart sank when they said onstage that next year's con was going to be there again. No trains running on Sunday? An hour from Bletchley to Bedford? Make it in Northampton or somewhere even easier to get to (Milton Keynes even?) and I will be there. I know what you mean about the trains - I live in Northamptonshire and it was a nightmare on sunday, I had to take a train to Milton Keynes, then a bus all the way to Luton, then train to Bedford. I didn't arrive till 11 am!
  2. Just to make sure, Craig Charles and Danny John Jules won't be there on saturday will they? I've heard that it may be possible to fit everything in to one day, but according to the schedule those actors won't be there until sunday
  3. Thank you for the replies guys and for being helpful and informative. I really appreciate it
  4. That's such a shame, meeting him was going to be the highlight of the event for me. Do you know if i'll still be able to get autographs if I miss any of the autograph times due to arriving late?
  5. Hi guys I've been on holiday and so I havn't been keeping up to date with everything and so I have only just seen the final schedule. I live in Northampton and the earliest train to Bedford on sunday will get me there for 10:45. Does anyone know if I could take a bus instead? Because 10:45 is going to make me miss out on things isn't it? (I don't understand the schedule, i'm jetlagged and can't think clearly and the schedule with all its numbers is making no sense to me right now). Also, has Chris Barrie cancelled? Since he's not on the schedule. Thanks
  6. Hi there I just purchased my ticket for the event and am so excited! It will be amazing. I was wondering if anyone knows what time the event will start and finish each day. I've contacted the company orgnising it but have had no response yet. See you all there! Keith
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