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  1. I thought this was the "the big new home" of CM MK ? It is - the concourse is temporary, there is a function suite thing still being built at the stadium What its in the same building as this one?
  2. I thought this was the "the big new home" of CM MK ?
  3. Next week this show is 3 months away. I know i maybe a little previous but is it usual for an autographica not to have guest announcments this close to a show.3 months fly by.
  4. Its good he is getting more screen work what with this and GI Joe. He deserves another crack seeing as he is the sole reason that THE PHANTOM MENACE want a total disaster.
  5. It might be good,it might be ****. Given the current form for reboots/remakes Star Trek and Snyders Dawn Of The Dead excluded itll probably be the latter or maybe theyll get it right.Vampires for teens are hot right now,no wonder they are cashing in.This is just like when Star Trek got a leg up from Star Wars in 77. I dont get this "itll be crap without Whedon" stuff ,the guy has lost his way so give it to someone else.Its a relaunch and sure getting Whedon to direct would be good for the hardcore but its obv the studios dont have confidence in him anymore.If it does well there will be sequels and a new crowd. Welcome to Hollywood in the 2000s Buffy fans!
  6. A) It wouldnt be relevant after or during a reboot,it would be an oddity.The Buffyverse onscreen as you know is done.Finished. and B)Hes been banging on about this for years its never going to happenthe time has passed. C)If by some miracle it did happen with a resonable budget and not like one of those low budget Doctor Who spin offs we had in the 90s it wouldnt have Whedons involvment because he is now a risk when it comes to being involved with projects and as it appears no one wants a Buffyverse project without Whedon. Firefly was axed,Doctor Terible(!?!) no comment and nobody in their right mind would place a bet on Dollhouse getting a third series despite it being given a generous second.
  7. It might work. A Zombie/Dawn Of The Dead movie without George A Romero came off better than Romeros last entry and looked what happened to the Star Trek reboot. Buffy will have a brand new audience courtesy of the Twiglet fans too young to have seen Buff and you can bet itll contain elements of what made Twiglet so successful. Remakes are pretty much what are only coming out of Hollywood these days,Buffy fans are the latest in a long line of p***** off folk.Next are the fans of the original Alien and superior vampire next door movie FRIGHT NIGHT and i swear if they turn the vamp next door in that into some broody big chined stu stu studioline bequiffed Boreanz/Pattinson clone ill stake the director myself. I think Head is just peed off because this finally puts to rest his eternal quest to get RIPPER on tv.
  8. this seemed to be the problem at Manchester and it appears the Midlands
  9. RIP. I only recently watched the import dvd of Kill Bill a few days ago an all. He was a very very cool dude and in Hollywood there are not many of those left.
  10. I love Mary Tamm. Still as gorgeous as ever. If anyone hasnt met her i recommend it.
  11. I would like to control my feelings regarding the popularity of certain shows. Id make a crap Jedi.
  12. These shows/movies are unique in that they are marketed towards females and its worked. Yes I do fancy loads of horror stars and im sorry to dissapoint you but none of them have a c**k. Regarding your comment of "unspeakable acts" maybe you should try some. Its not bad.
  13. on the face of it the Hilton room was pretty small so its probable i dont understand it,these shows are always packed in Manc 5 times a year and yet the Manchester SM shows have not worked
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