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  1. Good luck to all......have a great day..... Aitch,
  2. Talking of Elstree Studios I worked there on and off for 32 years from 1966 -1998.. We filmed my bit in Star Wars in 1976 on stage five (which has now sadly gone...Tescos) } I am now putting the finishing touches to my book biog (which should be ready by April 2012 if I find the right publisher) I talk about Elstree and other film studios and the many 100s of film and tv shows that I got to work on... I already have a web biog and has been seen by 57,000 people and they seem to have enjoyed it and would like to use a photo from Elstree props as a cover pic..?? www.harryfielder.co.uk Aitch,
  3. I haven't seen Shirley in many years..... Aitch,
  4. I had a really nice time on Saturday and would like to thank all the nice folks that turned up. Well done to all the crew that made it a great day....... Aitch,
  5. I think I was in the biz at the good years. Now I find many clips on Youtube of some of my work and think ''I don't remember doing that'' lol It is nice to come out and meet the fans of the shows and talk about it.. Aitch,
  6. I did manage to get a couple of jobs under my belt... http://www.harryfielder.co.uk
  7. Be nice to meet you all on this day..... Aitch, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v422/harryfielder/pic1.jpg
  8. Great web site...well done... Aitch,
  9. Would one of you guys wish Tom Baker my best wishes... Tell him Aitch says hello.. We worked together many times..... Aitch,
  10. The guy sitting in front of Peter Chushin is Charley Gray RIP..... Aitch,
  11. Syd's not in any of the pictures.... Aitch, http://www.a-free-guestbook.com/guestbook....me=harryfielder
  12. B.H....That's not Syd, I've known Syd for over 30 years and he is a keep fit man with a good head of white hair... Aitch,
  13. Say hello to Quentin from me..... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v422/har...ce/sptss029.jpg Aitch,
  14. Hiya guys, I did a job the other week on a dvd extras for Randall and Hopkirk (1969) and met up with some old pals. Then I got invited back to Elstree a few weeks later and met up with a guy that hasn't changed a bit in the last thirty years .. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v422/har...er/DSCF0299.jpg I belong to many Star Wars web sites and it's always nice to meet and talk with the fans. Keep the force alive.... Aitch,
  15. Give Chris my best regards when you meet him..(We're old mates) Aitch,
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