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  1. I've given this it's own thread as I think it's too big for the guest suggestions. I know that SM must have tried to get Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke before for Autographicas past, but what better chance to bring them to the show and publicise this as an event as next year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the best loved family films of all time. The door would be open for not just Julie and Dick, but also Karen Dotrice who played Jane. Matthew Garber sadly no longer with us, along with the late great David Tomlinson of course.


    Please please please try to make this happen SM. I'm sure there must be many more like me who would pay silly money to meet either Julie or Dick - and indeed Karen.


    You could also look at doing a Bedknobs & Broomsticks reunion at some point - Anglea Lansbury, Bruce Forsyth, Cindy O'Callaghan, et al.


    I'm sure any guests from classic Disney movies would be most welcome, but would love to see Mary Poppins' 50th anniversary celebrated in style at Autographica.

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  2. Tbh, I tend to get my 8x10s framed - Sainsburys had a load of frames at £2.10 for 3 a while ago, so I got 30 while I could...


    That's a lovely idea, though, sadly, I have no room to display the hundreds of signed 10x8 photos I have! So, a nice display folder would be the best thing for me - something easy to access and look at the collection in a nice folder.


    At the moment, they are just in photo albums - but they don't have a presentation type of feel to them - if people know what I mean by that?!


    I'm really keen to find something at CM this weekend, so if anyone sees someone selling these on the Sat could they do me a favour and post in this thread so I can keep an eye out for the seller? I am at the event both Saturday and Sunday :)

  3. Unless you have to leave within an hour or so you'll be okay at 9. There's separate queues for 2 other guests, but for Ariana please join the main queue.


    Who are the two with separate queues?



  4. Hi all,


    I've been thinking about trying to find a new way to store and display all my signed 10x8 photos. Does anyone know of anyone who might be selling display folders at CM? I seem to recall a few years back people selling something like this at a CM circa 2008 with show/franchise specific folders. Does anyone know if they still exist?


    Otherwise, does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions on other storage/presentation solutions?


    Thanks in advance.

  5. Also, are we to assume that the paid for Star Wars talk is only going to have Denis Lawson, Kenny Baker, Glyn Baker & Oliver Ford Davies present? From its original billing, didn't it promise to be a belter of a talk?

  6. I'm worried by how quiet it has become to be honest. Usually 3-5 weeks before an event we get a steady stream of new guest announcements. They aren't even so much as trickling through this time around!

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