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  1. When are the photos of the event going to be posted on the internet site?
  2. The only people who got prizes were the ones that won the others were printed in that booklet
  3. Thank you! I think your story is great to!
  4. This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author/writers, publishers and distributors. No copyright infringement is intended or to be infered. LOST; Alone in the dark Darkness drew near, the sun disappearing into the deep blue sea. All the survivors from the plain crash all settling down for the night after a long hard day of building a shelter on the beach for them all to sleep under. All fell silent as all the survivors fell into a deep sleep. Kate was awoken by the thing in the jungle she could hear it getting closer, she looked around and no one was there everyone had disappeared. She hopped up onto her feet and shouted, ‘Jack…. Jack!’ It was getting closer and closer. She ran towards the sea, grabbing her gun from her rucksack as she passed it. She ran towards the large rocks. She could hear it ripping the trees from the roots and throwing them to the ground. Kate was shaking with fear and her breathing became heavy. She was all alone in the dark with that thing in the jungle. It began to rain, the sea and the wind picking up. She was screaming for Jack. It carried on raining for an hour or so until all came to a stand still. Kate peered over the wet rock towards the trees. She couldn’t hear anything all was deadly silent once again. She slowly stood up and made her way back towards camp. The rain had put all the fires out, she was heading towards total darkness. She heard a rustling and a small figure came out of the trees. She pointed her gun towards the small dark figure. ‘Who’s there!’ she shouted. She pulled the trigger on her gun but she had no bullets in it so she started to run across the beach shouting for help. As she ran she got closer and closer towards the trees and before she knew it she was ruining through the jungle with branches hitting her in the face and twigs snapping beneath her feet. She looked behind her and the figure was closely following. Running faster and deeper into the jungle. She suddenly awoke in hysterics with Jack standing over her, she was sweating and her heart was pounding. ‘Kate…don’t worry it was just a dream’ she sat up and hugged jack until she fell back to sleep in jacks arms. Words: 380 By Leanne Whitehead
  5. Thank you. You should go ahead and write a story you'll never win if you don't try.
  6. Thank you! You can imagine them being mischievous
  7. Thank you! I'm so glad that people are reading my story!
  8. Just a friendly suggestion Your story is too long i have checked it because it looked a bit long and it is actually 468 words long so this story will not be put into the competition so you will have to go through it and then post it again with less words. If you need to check instead of counting how many words you have in your story then put it into a word document and go to tools and then word count.
  9. Thank you i'm glad you like it
  10. This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author and publishers. No copyright infringement is intended or to be infered. ---------------------------------------- Mischievous Hobbits All was calm and quite. The sun shining, birds singing and a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. The surroundings where beautiful. the grass was the greenest you had ever seen. This was the village of Hobbiton, called Bad End. Bag End has a large population of Hobbits, One of which is Frodo Baggins. Frodo went to get his friends, Merry, Pippin and his best friend and personal gardener Samwise Gamgee. He found them all apart from Pippin. “Where is Pippin?†asked Frodo “I don’t know last time I saw Pippin he was going towards farmer Maggots fields.†“Lets go and find him then†said Frodo “Great!†shouted Merry standing up with excitement “No! We nearly got killed last time because of you and Pippin stealing his crops!†shouted Sam “Yeah but we didn’t though did we†said Merry “Come on†said Frodo, “we better find him and make sure he is ok.†They all set off for Farmer Maggots Fields. “Pippin?! Pippin?!†Shouted Merry “Over here!†Shouted a voice. Frodo, Sam and Merry started to walk through Farmer Maggot’s field to where the voice was coming from. The field filled with all types of vegetables the Hobbits couldn’t see over the high growing crops. Sam ran towards the shouting and suddenly slopped he was standing over a big hole where Pippin had fallen in. Merry not looking where he was going walked into Sam knocking him into the hole but on the way down he grabbed Merry so all three had fallen in the hole. Frodo saw what had happened and he just laughed. After laughing for several minutes Frodo started to look for something to get them out of the hole. He couldn’t see anything lying around so he went to Farmer Maggots house. Frodo ran through the fields to Farmer Maggots house as he new that it would be getting dark soon. When he approached the house he noticed a very large tree next to it with a large rope tied to a branch. He climbed up the tree and undid the rope. When he climbed down from the tree Farmer Maggot saw him, Frodo ran as fast as he could back to the others. While Farmer Maggot got his gun. He approached the hole where the others were and threw the rope down to them pulling them up one at a time. Farmer Maggot had let the dogs out and he was shooting his rifle into the air. Pippin helped Frodo pull out Merry and they all ran as fast as they could through all the crops with the dogs closely following. They all climbed over the fence, down the hill and back to the Shire. By Leanne Whitehead Words: 450
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