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  1. Hi, I wonder if somebody could help me with my question. if I wanted my photo shoot picture signed, would it be included in the price? or would I have to pay extra for the autograph? Thanks Chris
  2. mapman

    Thank you Massive Events & all the Crew

    Thank you Massive Events for a wonderful convention, I had such an amazing weekend, it was sad to leave. It was great meeting all the fantastic guest inc David Tennent, Anthony Head ect.., but for me the highlight was meeting some wonderful interesting attendee's and the Massive Event staff ;-)
  3. mapman

    Attending on own

    Yep I will be attending on my own for the whole 3 days
  4. mapman


    I bought a silver ticket two days ago and the money still has not been taken of my credit card, does anybody know how long it usually take for the organiser to take payment?
  5. mapman

    Dress Code?

    Hi I am going to be wearing my tuxedo as this is my first event and I dont want to be under dressed
  6. mapman

    Wayne Pygram

    Hi I met Wayne today and he was very friendly. He had a selection of photos including 4 shots of him as Tarkin...