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  1. David Tennant was SO friendly and happy, he made time for everyone which made the whole thing so much more exciting. I met John Barrowman last year and was so disappointed as he didn't even speak - he's my idol you see. But I'm gonna try meeting him again at some point as I probably got him on a bad day?? The whole weekend was FAB. Daisy Duke
  2. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at massive events and the crew for Lords of Time; Trinity and I had the most fantastic time. David Tennant was so friendly and made time to speak to everyone. All the guests were so nice and the crew BRILLIANT (I'm gushing!) - love you Yvie. We also met some lovely, interesting people whilst in the ques We are now completely knackered but still beaming. Thanks again Sam and Trinity
  3. I may annoy people here but surely if you don't like it - don't go!? It must be a nightmare organising an event like this. In my opinion you choose one or the other and get over it.
  4. Will photo shoots be going on sale before the event?? Getting close now ) Cheers Daisy
  5. Okay, thanks so much for super-quick reply Daisy
  6. Bernard Cribbins (please please please) Freema Agyeman Yvonne Hartman Jacqueline King Marc Warren John Barrowman Camille Coduri Harry Lloyd catherine Tate Anthony Head Zoe Wannamaker Eve Myles Christopher Ecclestone Lee Evans Alex Kingston
  7. When will tickets for photo shoot with DT go on sale??? Thanks
  8. I just managed to do this too! (Sorry *cringe*). I have emailed to clairfy names. Kind regards Daisy
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