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  1. I heard rumours venom is in number 3 is it true? please say it is
  2. yeah thats probably the best parts of the series they were classic!!!
  3. xalia

    Ranma 1/2

    One of the movies was included in the Works boxset. 935570[/snapback] Which I own, if you want to pop around and watch it, by the way. Both, actually (there were two). Some shops still have them in stock - you just have to search around. The one in Camden, I think - if you don't have them. 941079[/snapback] okies thats would be great :)
  4. and its really cute ^.^
  5. the dot hack series coz its hilarious!!!!!
  6. i would probably recommend fruits basket or chobits because they have great storylines and there are many twists and turns in the plot!! Any1 else got any ideas??
  7. yeah there are loads of mangas sold in popular bookstores such as ottakers and waterstones usually there in the graphic novel section!!! plus they vary for £5 to £7. The best thing is there is a good selction to choose from for various ages ^.^
  8. cool! whens the movie due to come out?
  9. xalia


    I strongly recommend Fruits Basket because it has so many twists and turns in i. plus its addictive!!! ^^
  10. xalia

    Ranma 1/2

    cool!! where can i get the dvds???
  11. xalia


    Hiya every1 does anyone know a great site where i can get cool chobits desktop wallpapers.?
  12. xalia


    yay finally!!! im so happy ^.^
  13. xalia


    hey peeps!!! I love spirited away i think it has a brill storyline. and hows is every1 btw
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