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  1. Listened to Death Comes To Time
  2. My rewatch is also at a standstill - at the moment I'm watching episodes of Cheers instead as they are the same length as classic Who episodes and I got the box set just after Christmas. Think I'll skip the spin-offs and go straight on to the 9th Doctor when I resume my rewatch.
  3. Watched documentary Bidding Adieu
  4. Doctor Who: The Movie (aka The Enemy Within).
  5. Watched documentary I Was A Doctor Who Monster!
  6. Watched documentary The Doctors: Thirty Years of Time Travel and Beyond
  7. Thanks for the update - my friend ordered his ticket around the same time and already has his so I was starting to get a little concerned.
  8. Just checked, I ordered it on 11th January and it is saying "ready for dispatch". Is there anything that can be done to ensure it gets sent?
  9. I ordered a photoshoot ticket for Stan Lee on the Friday of LFACC before the price went up. The money went out of my account in January, but I have still not received my photoshoot ticket. Is there any way to find out whether it has been sent?
  10. Watched Downtime. I've had the video for years, but only just got round to watching it. Thought it was pretty good (though one or two of the actors weren't that great). My enjoyment was enhanced by the recent recovery of The Web of Fear!
  11. I think that was the second broadcast, it went out in 1993 on Radio5 first, before the station became 5 live. You may well be right - it was a long time ago!
  12. Watched the documentary More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS
  13. Watched Shakedown. Hadn't seen it since my 18th birthday when there was a special signing to celebrate it being novelised.
  14. I listened two episodes 1-4 of The Paradise of Death when it was first broadcast, but they made a mistake and broadcast episode 4 again instead of episode 5. I was one of the many fans who phoned up to complain, resulting in them realising just how many people were listening and commissioning The Ghosts of N-Space. I hadn't listened to it until now.
  15. got to admit those spin offs (like auton ect) never grabbed me, i never watched them all either, still have a few on vhs though. its one of the reasons I never saw any mythmakers when they first came out in the 90s as I thought they were spin offs and not interviews, foolish me, I corrected that error. I hadn't watched Wartime before, but for an amateur production it wasn't bad. I saw the first Auton film at a Panopticon, I bought the other two but haven't watched them yet.
  16. Listened to The Ghosts of N-Space Watched Wartime (I'm going through the spin-offs that were made while the show was off the air).
  17. Listened to The Paradise of Death
  18. Listened to The Ultimate Adventure
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