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  1. Outstanding news but last time I looked at the history books Neil Armstrong was first man on the moon and not Buzz Aldrin... And Neil didn't ever attend a Showmasters event...
  2. It was an awesome show... Really enjoyed the variety of Bond Girl guests... Had a wonderful chat with Marguerite Le Wars during Saturdays dinner. Once again, thanks for putting on a brilliant show... and for your outstanding customer service!!
  3. That's made my mind up.. I won't be attending. If Samantha Bond and Tony Brooks were attending on the Saturday I'd make it but I'm not driving down from Scotland on Sunday for 2 hours of show... . I much prefer the show when its at the Radisson
  4. Excellent guest... More Bond Girls though please
  5. The show was great... All the guests I met were very friendly/accomodating. Only negative I'd say is that a map/diagram showing where various aspects of the show were to be found would have been helpful. I had to ask a handful of people where the lectures/photoshoots were as it wasn't widely known. Some of the crew said "sorry, I don't know"... I also heard an Italian guy asking the same... he was trying to find his way to one of the astronaut lectures. Also, the lectures were much shorter than at previous shows... Rich Graham's was only 20 minutes or so on the Saturday... The lectures used to be 45-60 minutes long if I recall correctly.
  6. Dammitt..... He was one of the guests I was REALLY looking forward to meeting. Hope you can get him to attend another time!
  7. What planet are you on... not in "Autographica World"? Peoples commitments can and DO change. Sure it can be a massive blow but DEAL WITH IT. Should Dave and co sue Buzz Aldrin? How will that help to have him confirm for a future show? How about if you had booked/paid to attend a show in Phoenix, Arizona once Jim McDivitt & Frank Borman had been announced.... and when you were on holiday in USA found out that the 2 main reasons for you attending the show had cancelled. Cost of two airline tickets/hotels about £3000.... The show was still AWESOME and had a great time... not meeting Borman & McDivitt (though with thanks to Dave and his crew met McDivitt at the 2008 Autographica). Get off the guy's case.
  8. Neil was the first to walk on the moon but I don't think its fair to say he's "the man who started it all". The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin, first American Alan Shepard... first American to orbit was John Glenn.... There were 13 American's in space before Armstrong (not including X-15 pilots flying above 50 miles altitude).
  9. She's still listed on the 'pre-order' page, and that page has been updated too. I think its just an error . The new 'headline' picture is an unusual choice.... That's a relief... missed both Honor and Lana Wood at their previous appearances at the show (wasn't collecting Bond girl autographs then) and would be gutted to miss her this time. I don't know about being unusual.... The Space guests usually draw the longest lines... Plus they're very recent announcements.
  10. Honor Blackman is no longer listed on the Autographica website... I hope its just an omission and that she is still coming?
  11. Fantastic news... and Norm Thagard too... You're spoiling us Dave... Would also like to meet Rusty Schweickart again if thats possible
  12. I met Tom at the first ASF show at KSC in 2008.... He's a wonderful guy and a great addition.... Same goes for Bill Oefelein.. Looking forward to meeting him Dave!
  13. That's quite a hike Dave... I know its not your doing but at the 2004 show at Coventry I could get 3 signatures for that price and still have a fiver left for a drink at the bar. It has to be said though that the £65 is in line with the $100 fee for Scott's signature at the ASF show in November in Florida. At the ASF show in Florida in 2008 the price was $50 per word (base fee was $350) though at the start of the show the fee was $30 per word. I'd guestimate it will be around £30-£35 per word.....
  14. Excellent guest... can now add both Plenty O'Toole and spam Galore to my "Bond Girls are Forever" book!
  15. Kyla was a GORGEOUS and very friendly guest... now smitten.com !!
  16. Good guest Jason and Dave! BTW Jason, I read one of your posts (since deleted) on the collectSPACE forum in response to Sy Liebergot's inaccurate comments. Fair play fella... you defended well.... sorry the post was removed however! Onwards and upwards!!
  17. I think one event per year is better... it allows one to save up more to spend at the event after all. And for people flying in from wherever it means only one flight and hotel room required.... so from my point of view one show per year is better... and at Heathrow makes it easier to get to (more flights). Those from the Midlands that take the hump about the cancelation should think about the people that have had to travel from much further afield to attend. I've driven down from Scotland to attend 2 shows (Birmingham and Coventry) and flown to the others. Every time I the show was in Brum I had a real chew on with flights (not early enough in the morning or late enough in the evening). Hope you guys get some great guests to attend.... and roll-on October!! - Derek
  18. And if you can get Monica Lewinsky as well that'd be sweet
  19. I attended every Autographica from Coventry 2004 to Birmingham 2009 and enjoyed every show immensley. The show which combined Autographica/Collectormania was one of my favourites... VERY wide selection of guests across a broad spectrum of genre's. I've had the pleasure of meeting: Scott Carpenter Ed Mitchell Al Worden Charlie Duke Valentina Tereshkova Valeri Bykovsky Buzz Aldrin Dick Gordon Jack Lousma Vladimir Dzhanibekov Valeri Kubasov Yuri Romaneko Rusty Schweickart Brian Binnie Yuri Onufrienko Anatoli Artebarsky Jim Lovell Fred Haise Sy Liebergot Eric Brown Salizhan Sharipov Alan Bean Gene Cernan Brigitte Nielsen Katie Downes Rhian Sugden Jenny Agutter Madeline Smith Caroline Munro Martine Beswick Mollie Peters Maryam d'Abo Alexei Leonov Jim McDivitt Dave Scott Luciana Paluzzi Bruce McCandless Helen Sharman Dave Prowse Kenny Baker George Kennedy Ernest Borgnine Mickey Rooney (the least satisfying encounter ever though it has to be said!!) George Lazenby Joie Vejavija Ke Huy Quan Leonora Crichlow Sir Henry Cooper Tom Stafford Sir Stirling Moss Ursula Andress And countless WWII veterans! The main reason I attended was for the space guests... but as I've also attended two large US shows (Spacefest and the first ASF show) for me I now need a MAJOR guest to make it worth MY while to attend. I was blown away when Jim McDivitt and Tom Stafford were announced and even drove down to Birmingham for the latter when my flight from Edinburgh was cancelled the morning I was due to fly. I won't book for next years show until I know there are guests I WANT to meet. Space-guest-wise if you can pull off one of the following I'll be there with bells on: John Glenn Bill Anders Neil Armstrong Michael Collins Ken Mattingly And how about an ALT program reunion (Fred Haise, Gordon Fullerton, Joe Engle and Dick Truly)? That would be an AWESOME line-up!!
  20. You should still be able to find new copies on Amazon.co.uk granted, there's not THAT many around on the site but I counted at least 4 "new" copies available from different sellers.
  21. As would Ken Mattingly... now he really WOULD be popular!!!
  22. Absolutely Dave... It was a great show... just wish I had been able to stay around longer and attend the dinner... the first I've missed in a number of years. If you guys haven't read already... My flight was canceled and I had to drive down arriving at 1pm. This meant I'd missed the Tom Stafford photoshoot (which was at 1120) and when getting my litho signed I asked General Stafford's assistants if I could get a photo taken at the desk with General Stafford as I arrived late due to my flight being canceled and having to drive down instead. General Stafford's handler said he thinks he could do better than that and called one of the Autographica runners over and told her of my predicament. I waited while she spoke with the photographer and when she came back she said that there was a slot available at 1435 and she spoke with General Staffords assistant and handler and they all very kindly agreed to help me and came over for the photoshoot right at 1435 on the dot. I cannot thank the Autographica crew, General Stafford and his assitants/handler enough for making this happen... they went above and beyond what would normally be expected in my opinion. This wasn't the only good deed by the crew... Dave himself helped me when my good friend was being IMHO unfairly charged a completion fee for a multi-signed item. Dave asked General Stafford's handler to view my friends multi-signed piece and when he came over he advised it should be a base fee item which was fantastic... and allowed my friend to add another Apollo commander to be added to his piece. Thanks again for all the hard work you and the rest of the crew did at the show and in putting it on in the first place. Looking forward to the next one already!!
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