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  1. Would have been better if he was on a Sunday, so that he could have joined the other 'Destiny of the Daleks' cast members for a photo shoot: Tim Barlow (Tyssan) and Mike Mungarven (Dalek Operator).
  2. That's not him from the Dalek film either! You've got the wrong robber. He plays the one who coshes Bernard Cribbins in the opening of the film. Also, it is not his first ever signing. He did a very successful one for Fantom Films when the BluRay came out a few months ago.
  3. Shame he is on the Sunday - as I know a lot of fans who would like to meet him, but are attending a Dr Who convention elsewhere that day.
  4. I have checked and Shirley Conrad never appeared in "Doctor Who". She was contracted to appear in the story 'Shada' as an extra in 1979 - but her scenes were not recorded as the whole serial was shelved due to a BBC strike.
  5. How about Sean Saye? Monster actor extraordinaire.
  6. I've spoken to Michael's agent and he knows nothing about a booking for the weekend's event....
  7. This is extremely poor behaviour on behalf of SM and perhaps they need to reconsider the booking arrangements for the signers to ensure that a more professional level is achieved. This isn't the first instance of a guest being announced for an event - when they have been publically advertised as having a professional engagement elsewhere. One actress was advertised for a signing appearance on the same day that they were performing in a matinee and evening performance in the West End. They were still billed as appearing - even on the day itself. When I asked someone about this - I was infor
  8. Just to mention, David Warner usually insists on dedicating all autographs. In fact he got into quite a "tizz" over this at one signing event a few years ago.
  9. No - it was Andy Bradford who played 009 and came crashing through the windows of the British Embassy.
  10. Let's just clear this one up everyone shall we. Lois Chiles is on the preorder sheet not on any flyer or advertising. We do not and never have advertised any guest we do not have. Dave Phillips Well the flyer states that 2 James Bond guests are "Subject to final confirmation" in the small print (Kristina Wayborn & Ivana Milecivic) - this would suggest that these guests have not yet confirmed their attendance. As I said in my previous message, it is rather unfair to advertise guests who have not finalised an agreement to take part in the event.
  11. Out of courtesy to Mr. Collier's family and friends, it would be kind if Showmasters could remove his planned attendance & photograph from the main Collectormania Midlands website.
  12. Sadly I have just learnt that Ian passed away on the 1st October.
  13. Erm... I think it's a bit naughty to advertise guests if you are still waiting for them to confirm. It isn't fair on the guests or the people attending the show if you haven't secured them. They shouldn't be advertised until an agreement between the guest and their representatives has been sealed.
  14. No - they don't want to release this information because they really want people to attend for the full weekend.
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