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  1. 6 hours ago, natedammit said:

    Hows about you resolve to crochet me a tiny blue bear that I asked you for ages ago and you said you couldn't do but you might if you could find a suitable pattern?

    Did I?  I probably did.  Oh well, life sucks sometimes doesn't it.

    On that note, I have just found a pattern that could work, but have a couple of projects on the go at the moment, so I could possibly have it ready for you around, oh I don't know, October?

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  2. The Night Manager.  I missed it first time round as my machine messed up the recording and I didn't realise until after it was off Iplayer, so I was really happy to catch it again on BBC3.  I've not read any John Le Carre before so didn't have any expectations, and I really enjoyed it.  The first episode is a little slow, but that often happens when stuff is being established, but it soon picked up the pace.  The cast were all very good and it had lots of familiar faces and it was nice to see a coupe of them in main parts.  I love Hugh Laurie and he made a very good bad guy.

    Some of the plot points were fairly obvious from early on but I guess that's not unexpected with this type of genre, but even with that it didn't take away from the enjoyment.

  3. Staged 1 & 2.  I saw 1 when it was originally shown but wanted to rewatch it in advance of 2, especially when I found out that the Netflix version had a lot more material to it.  2 was very well done and a delightful follow up, well worth a watch.


    His Dark Materials 2.  It took me a while to get around to watching it but when I did I steamed through all the episodes in about a day, it's really good though now it's getting into the meat of the stories, a lot sadder than the first.  I look forward to series 3.



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  4. Bad Boys For Life.  An OK film, about what you would expect from this franchise really.

    All I can say about the opening is that if the LAPD can spare that amount of resources just to escort an officer on a non police related matter, their excess budget should be given to a needier station ;)  Also anyone who's a fan of a certain cannibal could see what was coming a mile off with that opening prison scene.

  5. On 1/8/2021 at 9:32 AM, shakeYourGrooveThing said:

    On top of this it would b great to c everybody have a sense of optimism and enthusiasm towards events. Ideally I and my friend still don't want to c people claiming/predicting stuff is like 'not gonna happen'. It's just not needed any more! I think we may b getting back to a sense of normality by May

    It would be nice to be optimistic but it doesn't hurt to be practical. 

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  6. Eddie The Eagle.  That was a lovely film.  I have a vague memory if that olympics but obviously didn't appreciate what he had done at the time.  I know the film is essentially a fictionalised version of what really happened but it's a good reminder of how courageous he was to stick with it in the face of everything and to fulfil his dream.  He knew he wasn't going to win, but that didn't matter.  Taron did very well in the role and really embodied Eddie's mannerisms.  

  7. 20 hours ago, TheLocalWizard said:

    Have to agree! Felt very underwhelming, and found certain guest stars to be majorly underused! Rather excited by the little teaser at the end though!

    Yeah, I said to Dalek that they might has well have given him a moustache to twirl he was so one dimensional.

  8. The Colour Of Magic/Hogfather/Going Postal I love the Pratchett books so finally getting the chance to see the Sky adaptions was great.  I thought they were well written and really embodied the spirit of the Discworld.


    Death To 2020 - it was only just over an hour long and it seemed like it whizzed by which was good as it wasn't boring.  It wasn't uproariously funny or anything but it was amusing and well worth a watch.

  9. 11 hours ago, Pinhead1987 said:

    Hello I'm looking to attend in 2021 and I'd like to start saving and getting things prepped but with recent announcements I'm not sure if it's safe to commit as I live in Ireland so there's alot on the line, my question is...does anyone have a rough idea on the chances this event will still happen if not will their be refunds ? Sorry if this has been asked i did check previous comments but didn't see this being asked so I thought to take that step. 

    Yeah, unfortunately no one can really advise on what the chances of it going ahead are, as we simply don't know what the situation will be like in 6 months.  I think you can reasonably say anything booked before summer probably won't happen, but again, none of us really know.  Personally I think that until a significant number of the population have been vaccinated you can assume large events won't happen, and as it's going to take a while for them to get to the 16 - 59 and not vulnerable members of the populace, it's going to be a while still.

    The good thing is though that if you are saving you are prepared either way.  If you do want to book, make sure you look at the covid terms of every company you buy with as many of them do have policies now - however this may be vouchers to use later in most cases and you need to know their cancellation/postponement policies to see what qualifies - for example, will an airline allow you to rebook later if the flight you are booked on still fly's but the event you are going to isn't?  Also if you have money tied up in lots of vouchers, there's no guarantee the companies will still exist when it all gets back to normal.

    I think what Green said is sensible, wait and keep an eye on things.

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