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  1. Mary Poppins Returns. Following such an iconic film was inevitably going to be hard as there's pretty much no way they could live up to the first one but on the whole they did a good job of replicating the spirit of it.  They could easily have stuck to CGI given modern audiences but it was nice to see they went with the animated style and had a few nods to the original.

    On the whole it was an OK film but not one I will watch again.  The songs were fine but none stood out as memorable and it was slightly predictable in that it was obvious what the ending was going to be from the scene where the kid took the box out to dump.


  2. 11 minutes ago, The Friendly Dalek said:

    Thanks. I haven't heard of anyone doing that before actually, that's not a bad idea.

    I don't think it's corona myself, but there are some shared symptoms, a cough and a temperature for example. The main concern for me is work. My work place hasn't been shut during this lockdown, the only places I've been in the last couple weeks have been work and home, meaning if this is corona it's highly likely I got it from work, which isn't great for the people still working there.

    It may seem extreme but I think it's only sensible given that the virus can linger, of course it gets complicated if you have a lot of deliveries arriving, as it should be 3 days from when the last item goes in so you might need a couple of bins!  My kitchen table is also a quarantine zone so any food that comes in that I can't wash and doesn't need refrigerating also gets a 3 day time out.

    With symptoms like that I think it's safer to assume it's corona unfortunately so it's just as well you are playing it safe.  It does suck about work and probably means others will come down with it but hopefully not badly.

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  3. 1 hour ago, The Friendly Dalek said:

    A signed item has arrived in the post today, but I can't do anything with it because I'm not allowed to open it, due to being quarantined to my room thanks to illness. :rolleyes:

    Gives me an excuse to watch more Doctor Who though. :lol:

    I hope you feel better soon Dalek, and that you don't have corona.  Even if you were able to open it today I'd advise waiting to be honest - any post that comes into my house goes in a spare bin outside for 3 days.

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  4. On 4/3/2020 at 7:42 PM, Peter Capaldi Fan said:

    Breeders (Sky One) - Not exactly laugh out loud funny but certainly an amusing comedy. Think a more adult version of Outnumbered and you get the gist. Plus Martin Freeman is in it. 

    I've not watched it yet

  5. Agatha And The Curse Of Ishtar.  Supposedly a fictionalised account of Christie's time in Iraq.  I wasn't paying a massive amount of attention, the plot wasn't exactly complicated or even overly engaging.  Not a spectacular program by any stretch but not awful either.  If it was nearing the end of quarantine and it was one of the few things you had left I'd say sure, give it a go, but otherwise watch other stuff first.

  6. Toy Story 4.  I knew the ending in vague terms as I had spoiled myself by looking it up when the film came out, so it was easy to pick up on the build up.  It was a sweet film like the previous ones, and whilst a sad/happy ending it was a worthwhile conclusion to the series.

  7. 5 hours ago, R4wly97 said:

    I have no money I’ve just bought one of these :lol:


    and a Nintendo Switch and games :whistling:

    And I’m not working! :grump:

    That is pretty nice

    3 hours ago, natedammit said:

    That's another thing you have in common with Hannibal.

    Hannibal wants me to be Wilgram as well?

  8. 1 hour ago, The Friendly Dalek said:

    I must admit I am hugely tempted by that signed Doctor Who annual....


    Peer pressure GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

    1 hour ago, R4wly97 said:

    Yeah I saw that and that John Hurt figure :wub:

    But don’t worry I won’t steal it from you, I’m actually more interested the Christopher Lloyd signed pops on the website, I love back to the future and have always wanted his autograph!


    Peer pressure GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

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  9. 7 minutes ago, R4wly97 said:

    Oh god yeah that’s amazing but it would never be allowed in the house, let alone me buying me it!

    I am eyeing something but it’s not Doctor Who surprisingly!

    What have you bought?

    Which one are you looking at?

    And I got this

    New Product

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