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  1. wow! yay. i wanted to go to the pencil factory AND to the paper factory. then i could be complete inside. but i went to this really cool place that had free-roaming lemurs (my fave aminal) and emus and kangaroos. and i hugged an emu. ahhhh my phone.# woooo. it makes the screen go wiggly when i send texts anyway, thank u all. (i feel like someone accepting an award. either that or the queen)
  2. oooh is this still on? i drove past the park a couple of weeks ago and wondered.
  3. Mwahahaha, I can create this thread and rule over it from my...little chair...in the middle of my empty room...*sob* Well anyway, I kow I say this every time I come on the forum, but hey, its me again. Been busy over the last couple of months, first GSCE's, then my aunt and cousin came over from NZ and stayed with us for a month or two and we roamed the country, getting in all they wanted to see and being taken pictures of soooooo many times by my aunt. and last week I was on holiday, up in sunny (and rainy) lake district. But unfortunately did not manage to get a visit into the brilliant pencil factory. So disappointing. So anyway, eventful times behind me and even more to come, I'm going into London to be trained for my new job on wednesday, and results are out thursday...(uh oh, have just remembered all the times spent "revising" usually consisting of forum or tv time...) ah well. so, news news news. whats been happening round here? i see that a mr karl is coming to c6! ooooooooies. yay! apart from that, anything else new? lots of love to everyone, jenny xxx
  4. hi, sorry for interuppting and being nosy and all but is the thorpe park meet still on? i drove past the gates to it yesterday and thought about it. wasn't that supposed to happen in may/june sometime? ooo im confused.
  5. theres a iwde site?? ooooooo cool anyway, hi, i'm prob not supposed to be here since this may be a private like thread. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dying...too much heat....
  6. ooo seanykins! i'm bored too. so i'm listening to the stand by me soundtrack and my fingernails are now a lovely shade of shocking pink. pretty. EDIT- wow, i've just realised i feel like a barbie. could be because i have a tiara on as well. I AM NOT CRAZY. just the tiara was there and now its holding my hair up. *looks shiftily from side to side*
  7. i'm here! its all gd! u'll do great! i'm not sure what the hnd thingies are but i wish u the best of luck. at least u won't have to wait any longer than tomorrow. it's the waiting thats the worst part
  8. awww. i like chinchillas. but theyre feisty wee things. ooheeer. so i'm scaly and hairy? yummy
  9. but if i have the head of a goat doesnt that mean i have the breathing apparatus of a goat? then i'd drown. what are you trying to do to me?! You have a goat's head with gills! urgh. furry AND disgusting. o wait a minute, goats arent really furry. they're hairy. or are they?
  10. but if i have the head of a goat doesnt that mean i have the breathing apparatus of a goat? then i'd drown. what are you trying to do to me?!
  11. awww. would i live on land or in water? or would i just flip over and wiggle away and die? cos technically that would be impossible to be a fish-goat. if it were a crab-goat or some sort of thing then that would work...
  12. i'm asuming that cos no-ones on the forum then no-one will be on chatzy. and i'm right.
  13. Oooooooh. I have a bone to pick with you... See now I'm a cuspy young cusp of a thing. Well sort of. In fact I have no idea what I'm on about so I'll start again. Anyway being born on the lovely day that is January 20 most thingies call me a capricorn. but then theres the odd one. like this one, that likes to call me a aquarius. so i'm kinda like a fish-goat type thing. am i? this post doesn't have much of a point really. anyway, sign me up for any clubs i'm not down for. i'm shocked. truly shocked that i'm not on some lists.
  14. your gone already arent u? well hope your having fun! i dearly hope that you have some honey and plenty of money. preferably wrapped up in a five pound note.
  15. ...daisy?...i missed daisy?! awwww no fair. well i would have even if i'd have known since i don't have film four. i'm not privlidged enough. ooooooooo i cant spell whats the boys about?
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