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  1. sorry to hear it mate, was lookin forward to havin a good bitch about stuff at the show sorry mate but I don't see why I should part with cash for an event who's organisers obviously don't care about what we are trying to do. For what it's worth... have a nice time.
  2. The response from showmasters in this thread is shameful. We get asked to support the event and several of us bust our butts trying to help and get ignored. We RESPECTFULLY show our dismay at this and what do we get? We get told to be grateful we arent banned. Why the hell should we be grateful for that? We havent done a thing wrong. I for one wont be doing anything to support showmasters again. I am totally offnded at this attitude towards people like us who were just trying to help. I wont be going to this event either.
  3. that's the point - we are trying to but keep getting left with egg on our faces. we can't work together when no one responds to us. I emailed your office as requested when I offered to distribute leaflets and didn't even get a reply let alone the leaflets. As I said earlier, help us to help you.
  4. I wouldn't say they were arguments... certainly not from me. It's just certain individuals trying to discredit our valid and constructive comments. I hate when someone comes along and butts in with a snidey remark and despite mods admittedly looking in and watching the thread nothing is said, yet when I respond to the same snidey remark we are both told to behave... the people who should be told to back off are those who won't allow us to have our say and insult us by telling us to shut up etc. Not us who made innocent constructive comments. OK as far as I'm concerned I've made my point. Will my concerns be addressed or acknowledged? Probably not.
  5. thanks Jonesy. Thats what happens mate... conversations escalate. I'm just just making a valid point to the people who were quick to jump on me earlier for daring to elaborate on why I am so frustrated at the lack of communication from the organisers. Convention friendly locals trying to help are being neglected.
  6. well said reverend. its frustrating when others tell us to shut up and blame us going off topic yet when other people go off topic (no offence jonesy and pez) nothing is said. This only further confirms that the real reason people are telling us to shut up is because they haven't read some of our comments thouroughly and assume we are just whining. I'm not sure what happened to your second post though rev. Must be in hyperspace or something. regarding the party... it's cancelled too? bummer
  7. I'm sure you did. edit yup you posted a comment here... http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....p;#entry1257688 it's the 3rd last comment on page 2 of this thread
  8. We were... but as happens in most conversations the topic of this thread developed into a discussion about how showmasters are dealing with things and whether they are going about it the wrong way or not. Try reading people's complete posts before telling us to shut up.
  9. do I sense a little hostility? I hope not as I've made it clear in my posts that that is not my objective. It's just that whenever someone insults me on this forum for voicing my opinion and I respond, you have a knack of appearing straight after asking everyone to cool it. Maybe one time you will get there before those of us having a discussion have the chance to respond to being told by another member to shut up.
  10. There's no problem at my end but I'm not going to sit back and have someone tell me to shut up on a discussion forum. I made a bet with my mate that you would post in this thread within 5 minutes. You just won me a box of maltesers. Cheers mate Want one?
  11. Give what a rest? our opinions? yeh right mate... and you need to stop interfering with issues that don't concern you. It's a discussion forum so maybe it's you who needs to give it a rest. If there's one thing that bugs me on this forum it's people like you who don't let other's discuss where showmasters are going wrong.
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