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  1. I am totally copying Chantelle, second crew for me and like to thank EVERYONE who were great as always THANKS THANKS THANKS........... extra thanks to Justin - Roomie/Karen Mark - Lifts/Malcolm - advise/Joyce - good leader /Claire and Ange just for being great) ...... also thanks to showmasters for making it possible see you all soon Sid
  2. Sorry Stuart, my error, i have emailed Andrew so will leave it in his capable hands, i thought i was helping............. sorry Sid
  3. Calling all crew for CM Glasgow, am looking to share a room with anyone if they are crewing on the saturday and sunday, i will be getting a room no matter what, but would prefer to split the costs so if anyone else wants to do the same let me know Gettin a room for the Friday night 26th (Saturday is covered by SM) and the sunday night 28th, i will bne paying for both these nights so if anyone is wanting to share let me know it would be appreciated Sid sid1973@gmail.com 07766939706
  4. ^^ pretty much this Yeah this, thank YOU. And as a crewing virgin, i thank you for the way that it all is put together so much more organised and fun than i thought it was going to be, i now have the bug and want to crew more ....... in the words of Joe from family guy ... BRING IT ONNNNNNNNNNN see you all at LFCC (thanks Andrew)
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