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  1. I do show them my pictures, but 99% of the time I get "Nice photos... who are those people?" I get that sth. like Star Trek is kind of "Special Interest" for normal people, but come on, how can you not have watched the Matrix at least once in the last 20 years?? Even if people watch the shows, they usually aren't really interested in the actors or anything beyond the series. I have a colleague who is a much bigger GoT Fan than I am, and he didn't recognize Lena Headey or Jack Gleeson when I showed him my pictures with them.
  2. I already mentioned my great experience with Carrie-Anne in the other thread, but also had a lovely time meeting Aimee Garcia. I made it to the last call of her photo shoot and she was like "yeah finally someone with a shirt" ( I was wearing one of her shirts from Lucifer) She gave me a high five after I told her I had it before it was on the show. She really seems like such a fun person, verysimilar to her Lucifer character.
  3. I loved her! I came specifically for her, have been a Matrix fan for almost 20 years, Trinity is one of my fave onscreen characters ever. I had photo and autograph on saturday. I was wearing a "Kilgrave made me do it" Shirt, she saw that while I was waiting in line in the photo booth and winked at me. That was already enough to make my entire weekend haha. At the autograph I guess I didn't really give her a chance to say much, but I got to say what I wanted to tell her and she was going "aww thank you" all the time. Anyway, I went for a second picture on sunday and she actually remembered me and greeted me with "hello again...I saw you yesterday!" = dead fangirl So this was one of my best Con experiences ever, I never even imagined I'd have a chance to meet her. It was my first LFCC, does Showmasters usually upload videos of the talks somewhere? I asked a question in Carrie-Annes Panel and it would mean so much to me to have a recording of that.
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