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  1. If it's dead then it's time we liven it up! I went on Saturday 8th July and it was a very good, busy and somewhat hectic day. I was also disappointed about Olivia Cooke not being able to attend but am hopeful for a future appearance. That being said, I got a replacement photoshoot with Mike Colter who was awesome and also had photos with Amanda Tapping from Stargate and Jessica Henwick from Game of Thrones. In addition, I managed to sneak in a free photo with Ingvild Deila from Rogue One and got lots of amazing snaps of Cosplayers from around the event And last but certainly not least I attended five talks on that day as well so I was chocka-blocka for activity! All in all, a very good day. And I made some American friends on the tube who I hope to visit in the years to come
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