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  1. I noticed that Robert Carlyle made an appearance at the London July 2019 event. As he lives in Glasgow, I'd love to see if an appearance in his home town could be arranged for 2020? Peter Capaldi would be an awesome alternative top drawer Scottish guest. I also have to vote for cast members of Still Game, with the highest priority obviously being Ford & Greg (the opportunity to have a double photoshoot with them dressed up as Jack & Victor - or even just as themselves) would be awesome! As a side note:- It was amazing to meet Christopher Lambert this year in Glasgow & I have to salute the organizers for pulling that one out the hat... I seriously never thought I'd score that one off my bucket list in my lifetime!
  2. Heavy Knickers that the Christopher Lambert Green Screen is the last photo shoot of the day... for some reason I mistakenly figured it would be tagged on the end of the standard blue screen one. Looks like I've got an uncomfortably lonnnnnnnng day ahead of me if I want an autograph as well.
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