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  1. Good list @GreenArrow2046 enjoy meeting them in comic con. I have only got 1 diamond pass so far for Billy Dee. Will try to get VQ ticket for some other guests mostly StarWars when I get there.
  2. Do you remember if fans were allowed to take pic of him when he was doing the signing back then?
  3. Can I ask you what time did you get to Olympia when you were able to get the VQ for autograph and do you remember if fans were allowed to take pics of him when doing signing? Thanks.
  4. Thanks @Queen_SindelI thought it would still be in line with Hayden's theme as he is one of the guest I am interested in getting VQ but not sure whether autographs or photo. Noted what you said thanks.
  5. Thank you @GreenArrow2046 which guests would you like to meet in this comic con other than Billy Dee and Jason? I have purchased Billy Dee tickets. I would like to meet Ian McDiarmid but will get the tickets on the day. Possibly Hayden. In regards to Ian McDiarmid do you think if I arrive at Olympia around 7.30am I would still have a chance in getting the VQ? I know you can't really say but any thoughts would be useful for me to plan my trip. Thanks.
  6. Thanks a lot @Mayhem very kind of you. Hope you will have a great time in comic con & be able to meet all guests you want to meet.
  7. Mayhem seems familiar with the area so asking this type of question could be useful as Mayhem could advise me if any certain routes to take or if the walking routes was easy etc, stuff you wouldn't get from Google map basically. I will be flying from Ireland to this comic con this month. Thanks @Raylenth.
  8. Thank you @Mayhemyes I will be taking the tube from earls court on Saturday so did you say it will start at 7 am is that correct? How far to walk from earls court station? Thank you.
  9. Thank you @GreenArrow2046 I will be getting the tube to Olympia. Do you know what time the tube will start operating? It will be just one or two stations from my hotel.
  10. Thank you so we can assume for the guests who don't have a photo schedule at 9 am , they will still arrive as early as possible? Thanks.
  11. Can I ask more questions please? Will they announce the autographs schedule? If not, how will we know what time the guests will be doing signing? Thanks. Have a fab day you all nice people.
  12. Thank you @GreenArrow2046you are very kind.
  13. Thank you @Raylenthmuch appreciated.
  14. Thank you @etmusethis is a very useful information for me .
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