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  1. Hi, I have a bit of a problem, I’ve bought a photo shoot with Val Kilmer on the Sunday and unfortunately it’s close to catching my coach home as there’ll be no later coaches on that day! Is there any chance I could have a refund and buy another for another day of the weekend?
  2. So because I’m not going to make it on the Thursday to pick up my wristband and entry ticket as a gold pass holder, how will I get my ticket? And also what does it mean by pay on the day as I already paid for my ticket?
  3. Delete if not allowed Good work on the guest announcements so far! Will there be more or has it been finalized with only 3 weeks to go? :)
  4. This is a first time for everything, I'll be meeting Jason Momoa but my sister Beth wants an autograph and will not be able to make it! Is buying an autograph for someone else allowed?
  5. And how will I know what time at the photo sessions?
  6. If I have two photo sessions at the same time, what do I do when there’s a clash.?
  7. How long does it normally take to sort out digital copies of photo shoots with the guests?
  8. What's the likelihood of him allowing selfies after getting an autograph? I think he might not as he could be a big guest and is only turning up Saturday!
  9. Well how about if I make a sign and saying "To Nan & Grandad" and show it while I have my photo taken with him?
  10. Well at least the Diamond Pass for William Shatner has been paid for. If necessary, gonna get a photo with him and ask him to sign it to my grandparents as they have been massive Star Trek fans since the beginning and they got me into it when I was very young. :)
  11. Also, I'll then know If I can buy a photoshoot with them instead!
  12. Fair enough if this is starting to get annoying now, but when a guest is announce straight away, I always search for selfies on google to make sure they do selfies at the their other events. Eg Emilie De Ravin - Possibly & Jenna Coleman, definitely not. Also fair enough if we can't have selfies without autographs at least, but if they did selfies at their other events, could they still do them at this one? P.S If it is getting annoying, please close this topic straight away.
  13. So I've bought a gold ticket, and unless I've read it wrong cause I always do, we don't have the option to pick two diamond passes of our choice this year? If not, don't worry, I'll just buy the photo sessions for some guests that those for won't allow selfies. I know guests like Jenna Coleman won't! :)
  14. This seems new, what perks do you get with a YALC ticket?
  15. Will the Gold tickets be available before or after Christmas, does anyone know?
  16. When we get our photos printed with the celeb, are we allowed to ask what size we want printed or does it print in a certain size?
  17. Really Excited to have Billy Dee Williams coming to his only appearance, but is there any news on the gold tickets or do i have to keep checking?
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