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  1. Brad Douriff - Childs Play, LOTR, Halloween Jennifer Tilly - Bride of Chucky, Monsters Inc., Bound
  2. Ronee Blakley - (Nightmare On Elm Street) John Saxon - (Nightmare On Elm Street, Enter the Dragon) Ken Sagoes - (Nightmare On Elm Street 3) Rodney Eastman - (Nightmare on Elm Street, I spit on your grave) Ira Heiden - (Nightmare On Elm Street 3) Miko Hughes - (Wes Cravens New Nightmare, Kindergarten Cop) Holt McCallany - (Mindhunter, Fight Club) Peter Weller - (Robocop, Naked Lunch) Tom Noonan - (Robocop 2, Manhunter, Heat) Caleb Landry Jones - (Get Out, Three Billboards, Xmen First Class) Kevin Conroy - (Voice actor known best for Batman) Nolan North - (Voice Actor known for Uncharted and Batman) Troy Baker - (Voice Actor known for Last of us and Batman) Rob Bottin - (Make Up Artist on Robocop, Total Recall, Seven, The Thing) Robert Kurtzman - (Make up artist Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Dusk Till Dawn, Predator) In fact any of the KNB crew.
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