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  1. 25 minutes ago, natedammit said:

    You can't have a 24/7 Seven Eleven. It's paradoxical.

    We live in a paradoxical country. Actually there a few that are open longer than 7-23. I was surprised as well as it is usually only during the summer months it is open this long.

  2. It took 1000 years, or so, for anyone to make a good story about the vikings and I am afraid it might be the same with WoW, remember the late 80’s series..<_< I much prefer the story set in the correct era, like in the book. I will  give the BBC version a chance. Loved the JW musical though, probably the best musical I have seen. ^_^ 

    About additions..remember The Hobbit. Tauriel was such a character, abit of mumble about her first but she turned out ok. The funniest I read about her was a US newspaper called her a pointy-eared Lara Croft. Well..

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