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  1. At work doing what I am supposed to do..work. <_< But on a break now. Biggest debate here now is the economy and small business, then the virus. Though the experts here think it will slow down during summer and then come back again in the autumn, but much weaker. There are plans in May, probably, to mass test randomly to see how many of us who have had the virus. If we push 60% or above we have reached herd immunity. Otherwise getting ready for spring/summer. Fixing my bike up after the winter though winter really did not happened, kind of an extended autumn. I expect my next overseas trip will be DSTL in mid November. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Raylenth said:

    Hey, that was a very interesting discussion I'll have you know.  I'm still freaked out about it, you have kids being able to see into their parents rooms and vice versa.  Privacy people, privacy!

    Kids need to see and learn how to keep the population up. :D

  3. 2 minutes ago, Raylenth said:

    I never thought of having 2, but most of my pics there are con/fandom related so if people scroll through mine it's just a collection of fandom crap/Funko's I own, auto's, guests at cons, the occasional badly edited floor plans and random Nordic interior windows.

    You and your Nordic windows... :P

  4. 17 minutes ago, Raylenth said:

    Ugh, I've seen a photo of the cupcake people's cupcakes and I want some.  I'd come for just them if it weren't going to be a 5 hour round trip.  Someone buy some for me tomorrow and bring them to me please?

    You did not want to join my Charles Dance Morris Dance Club so... no! :P


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  5. 1 minute ago, Raylenth said:

    I couldn't remember if we did or not.  The FAQ on the website says we are queuing in the West hall as per Summer which is different to last Spring when we were outside and went in via the entrance on the main road.

    Oh, remember that. Like getting into a suspect night club.

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