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  1. Less than a month I will be back in London, for the first time since lfcc 2019. Plenty of things coming happening before lccs kicks off, really looking forward to it this year as there are so many I wanted to meet. All the other days I both know and dont know what will happen. But I have a very positive feeling about this trip. ^_^

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  2. 3 hours ago, Peter Capaldi Fan said:

    Unfortunately even in the 21st century semi naked women tend to get you banned from the forum. But for your eyes only this is the closest I dare go. ;)









    Forgiven.. :whistling:

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  3. 14 hours ago, Peter Capaldi Fan said:

    It may be the middle of winter but for some reason it's suddenly got very hot.



    Think I need to have a cold shower. 


    Tsk tsk! Imagine if I put a gif with a half naked lady. Oh lordie lordie lordie! :lol: :P :whistling:


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