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  1. I have now finally received my auto. Thanks QS for all your help ! It is very much appreciated.
  2. I am also still waiting for my one auto from LFCC. I have had no response to emails. The last one I received was on the 11th of October from Jason. It is really frustrating and I just cannot understand why there is no response.
  3. I have still not received any updates from Jason on my outstanding order. QS, sorry to be a pain, but was he looking at everyone's outstanding orders ? Thanks
  4. I'm afraid I am also still waiting. Not heard anything after the reply from Jason acknowledging the missing order. I have emailed asking for an update, but no reply as yet. It's pretty exasperating really.
  5. I have now received an email from Jason. Thank you QS for your help. It is certainly appreciated.
  6. I have the order confirmation email. From the same address that I registered here with. I can forward it, if you can give me an address to forward it to please.
  7. Yes, my email is the one used for the forum and it was one autograph from Terence Stamp. Hopefully it has been posted yesterday. Thanks.
  8. I am also still waiting for a pre-order autograph and have emailed twice and received no reply. I am not really bothered by the wait, just want to know if it has been sent out yet or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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