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  1. Had an email from Jason this morning, saying my items have been posted and should be with me Monday. Why did he deem it necessary to tell me on two separate occasions previously they had been posted. Yet again, I won't hold my breath but maybe third time lucky.
  2. Well I've now given up, of course I checked with the post office. I had no choice seeing as Jason doesn't reply to emails. I appreciate none of this is your fault but this service is the worst I've ever used and certainly won't be using again. I'm still missing things from July ffs
  3. I would have thought if he HAD origianlly sent my missing items, then he would have replied saying that they were sent weeks ago. I got an email lastnight that just said "packed and will be with you ASAP" that tells me they were not sent originally...
  4. Thanks QS appreciate your help, got an email last night. Won't hold my breath as I was told something was dispatched over 2 months ago and was told exactly the same this time.
  5. Has anyone had a reply from Jason? I've still not heard anything and this is now getting ridiculous.
  6. Well, I did get somwehere with an order from LFCC in that Finn Jones completely messed up my pop vinyl signing. Jason was great in one respect in that he did get me another signed in Berlin (that I had to buy again and post - extra expense to me) but, I havent received my Mike Colter pop back after he cancelled, I havent received a Wai Ching Ho signed pic either and I am getting no replies to emails (sent to the pre -order email using my registered email) I have also messaged on facebook and not getting anything.
  7. What's the best email for Jason, still not received anything.
  8. Yes I've read that, I only commented I was still waiting. I think I'm entitled to make that comment as it's now 23 working days after the event. I haven't emailed Jason asking where my orders are due to knowing he's busy.Just saying....
  9. Very disappointing, still waiting on my orders and a refund for a cancelled guest and a month has now passed. Not a very good way to run a business.
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