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  1. Thanks, I did on Monday morning, but was getting desperate. Thankfully they got in touch late yesterday afternoon! thank you so much for the advice.
  2. Please can someone help?? Oh please can someone help? I ordered £79 of photos from the web, big fan Michael Shanks, Morning a father buying my darling mum had a severe stroke so I never went on computer. When she died I had a breakdown. Only now am I trying to pick up the pieces as I'm all alone. Started to check emails and came across the email with dl. But they ran out after 10days! Can anyone give me help to contact someone a photoshelter/showmaster? No tel no.. on top of this cant even find my photos
  3. It was excellent and we were promised it would be put on your site but they didn't say whereabouts! I'm sure Michael and Ben would be ok with it! Or be happy to buy a copy!
  4. After 5 days still waiting for a response from extra help email address quoted on your page!!
  5. So sorry forgot to ask where do you go with disability paperwork for the extra help pass? Same problem queuing to get in the hall - I have problems standing for long periods?
  6. Saturday photo batch 1. I have also bought a ticket for the Stargate talk. My entry ticket is for 11am does this mean I have lost all this money? if I can get there for the photo will there be time to get to the auditorium to see the talk (I can only walk slowly).
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