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  1. Totally agree at least for the cheaper guests
  2. Yeah have never met him so will this time and am thinking of the tardis photo shoot and i also see that lalla ward Louise jameson and nicola bryant are attending would love it if there was a photo shoot with all them and either sylvester mccoy or colin baker in the tardis any chance of that?
  3. Yeah but they are big lists queen and was only really talking about when i met her at Milton Keynes which was some while ago i think but as you say she obviously did attend here two years ago I guess i must've been sleeping
  4. Ariana Richards was at the collector mania at Milton Keynes dons stadium many years back well maybe only seven or eight but seems awhile ago as don't do them there anymore for some reason? Anyway i went to have the photo with her and was told no contact with her but only just as was getting closer to her as was gonna put my arm around her but when i went for the auto i shook her hand and she was very happy and nice and kind and still very young but of course not as young as in jurassic park so would be great if she were to come to lfcc but she is more an artist now and doesn't act
  5. Sorry queen just making sure but just can i quickly enquire if there is a customer service contact email just in case?
  6. I bought a diamond pass for kirstie alley but she has cancelled will i get a full refund?
  7. Yeah and i bought the diamond pass for her still at least i'll get all that dosh back so no probs and i take it that it automatically goes back on whatever payment method was used?
  8. I agree she is great and might even bring Kevin with her
  9. This would be something luke perry jason priestly jenny garth tori spelling shannon doherty and gabrielle carteris for a Beverly Hills 90210 reunion now i would part with some cash to meet them as that was a staple of my teenage years and had a major crush on jenny garth am on a roll now with my suggestions
  10. As alyson hanigan is coming please get Sarah Michelle Geller as well for a buffy reunion also Anthony Head would be great and have a tie in with the film by getting kristy swanson
  11. Would love to see lena come back as didn't manage to get her auto only photo last time she attended which was maybe four years ago I think? Maybe someone can correct me on that
  12. Yep have to get the diamond for alyson had some comments removed wow is this forum strict or what
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