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  1. margot kidder dolp lundgrem mark hamill bruce springsteen the american pickers cast or pawn stars cast ed oneil from married with children and henry winkler from happy days
  2. the cast of the big bang theory or cheers would be great for belfast
  3. please bring john cleese david jason nicholas lyndhurst or brian murphy to belfast
  4. please bring the cast of the big bang theory friends or only fools and horses to belfast
  5. Can Belfast please have Kenal and Kell any of the original Saved by the Bell cast Jake the Snake Roberts The Million Dollar Man or the Nasty Boys
  6. Can Belfast please have Dolph Lundgren from Rocky 3 Mr T from the A Team Mark Hamill from Star Wars and James Bolam or Rodney Bewes from Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads
  7. Please can we have David Morse from the Green Mile Tim Robbins from the Shawshank Redemption Steve Martin from Planes Trains and Automobiles Mila Kunis from Ted or Scarlett johanson from X Men for the Belfast Comicon please
  8. Can we please have any of the cast of The Big Bang Theory , Brian Murphy from George and Mildred,David Jason and or Nicholas Lyndhurst from Only Fools and Horses,Anna Karen from On the Buses or any of the cast of Cheers for the Belfast Comicon please
  9. I would love to meet the following boxers in Belfast Nigel Benn Chris Eubank Ricky Hatton Lennox Lewis Frank Bruno Steve Collins Evander Holyfield
  10. I would love John Ratzenger George Wendt and Rea Pearlman from Cheers to attend the Belfast show also Ed O'Neill from Married with Children
  11. I would love to meet Mike Wolff and Frank Fritz (the American Pickers) or the Pawn Stars in Belfast
  12. I would love to meet the American Pickers Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe or the Pawn Stars main cast in Belfast Also Jake the Snake Roberts and The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase
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