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  1. Maxbanjo13

    Anybody meet Fred Haise today ?

    I can't wait to hopefully have a chat with Freddo tomorrow. I'm flying over from Ireland in the morning at stupid o'clock! I met him a few years ago in the U.S. and he was very generous with his time, a true gent, can't wait for morning!
  2. Picards chair is in attendance though!
  3. Maxbanjo13

    Big guest announcement at 8pm tonight

    Please let it be Patrick Stewart...
  4. Maxbanjo13

    Guest Suggestions

    Probably a long shot but how awesome would it be if Dolph Lundgren came?
  5. Maxbanjo13

    Guest Suggestions

    Jewel Staite would be excellent..
  6. Fred Haise is the main attraction as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never been lucky enough to hear him speak before, can’t wait for his lecture! It’d be great to see Al Worden or Charlie Duke or maybe Walt Cunningham join the list too! Fingers crossed!
  7. Maxbanjo13

    Great News

  8. Maxbanjo13

    Guest Suggestions

    It’d be absolutely amazing to meet Bruce Campbell, he has been known to visit Ireland on occasion! Carl weathers billy Dee Williams firefly guests (summer glau please!)
  9. Maxbanjo13

    Guest suggestions.

    Patrick Stewart would be a treat, Peter Weller, Kelsey Grammer, Kurtwood Smith
  10. Maxbanjo13

    Talk Schedule

    Are the European space agency and Fred Haise talks paid?
  11. Maxbanjo13

    Guest Suggestions

    Is Clancy Brown on the circuit? He'd be fantastic
  12. Maxbanjo13

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd love to see Dolph Lundgren, it'd be awesome to see Carl Weathers return too!
  13. Maxbanjo13

    Guest suggestions

    Joe Kittinger would be a great guest
  14. Maxbanjo13

    Guest suggestions

    ...also: Billy Dee Williams Bruce Campbell Carl Weathers Dolph Lundgren
  15. Maxbanjo13

    Guest suggestions

    Charlie Duke Fred Haise Walt Cunningham Richard Gordon All still on the circuit and realistic I think! If Mike Collins or Frank Borman could be swayed I'd be gobsmacked, and forever in showmasters debt! P.s. Delighted a date has been decided upon! Cheers!