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  1. brigitte nielsen! She could be right for Belfast?
  2. Firefly cast - as many as you can get! Would it possible to get more Bonds on board? What's Timothy dalton up to these days?! Rocky cast - please please please bring Carl Weathers and Dolph Lundgren!!!!! ... brigitte nielsen and Burt young would be awesome too!
  3. He is on the circuit, may not be that long of a shot!
  4. Bring Carl Weathers back, unfortunately I missed him a couple of years ago, the guy is essentially a living legend!
  5. It's a lot cheaper for me flying from Ireland to Birmingham than it is to fly to London. And the NEC couldn't be easier to get to from the airport!
  6. Any way of getting some astronauts on the ticket? While it might be difficult to get any of the Apollo guys over, the UK has several very interesting space travellers who could be great at an event like this. Helen Sharman, Tim Peake etc. Potentially, with all the sports guests and the ever increasing entertainment guests list, adding astronauts to the attendees could make this the most interesting and diverse con yet!
  7. There will be a selection of apollo astronauts in europe in June for various events. Maybe the dust could be brushed off autographica?
  8. How about Ivan and Viktor Drago? It'd be cool to have Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu for a group photo
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