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  1. Jason Marsden said that he's never been invited to a UK event before and is just waiting on an invite, so it would be really cool if you guys could extend him that invite! Please? :) He was in Lion King 2, Extreme Ghostbusters, one of the Final Fantasy games (a few other games too), A Goofy Movie (Max), Transformers Rescue Bots and he's known for loads of other stuff. I would be thrilled to finally meet him! I'd also be thrilled to meet other voice actors, particularly Rino Romano who was batman and Maurice LaMarche who was Inspector Gadget, Egon from Ghostbusters, The Brain (Pinky and the Brain) and lots of work on Futurama.
  2. Fil Barlow - writes and draws his own comic series and was the designer of some 90's cartoons
  3. Jason Marsden is getting a good response here, how about bringing him in? :) I think collectormania would be a good one
  4. He's been a guest at many USA conventions and he's popular all over the world. He's an 'internet celebrity', but probably the most popular one there is, he has millions of fans and people have even cosplayed as him in the UK. I've seen footage of the events he's been to and rather than a traditional Q&A, he actually puts on a little show when he has his team mates with him. I'm sure he would come up with something just as entertaining on his own though if you can't fly more than one over.
  5. That's him :) Please also consider Tara Strong for the same event, they're both very well known! Voice actors are a huge deal and we don't see enough of them in the UK.
  6. I had a little chat with the well-known voice actor; Jason Marsden on Twitter, he's never been to an event in the UK before and said he would absolutely love to be a guest at a UK event! He's just waiting for an invite... He's most well known for 90's cartoons such as Max Goof (A Goofy Movie), Garrett (Extreme Ghostbusters), Kovu (The Lion King), he's been in Tarzan, Batman, G.I.Joe, and loads more! Please also think about inviting Tara Strong who Jason Marsden has worked with quite a lot (in programs such as Extreme Ghostbusters, Fairly Odd Parents, etc), I don't think she's been to the UK before either and she too has done the voices of many beloved 90's cartoons that we all remember and love! (mostly Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon). For the past few years she's been doing My Little Pony which is very popular.
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