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  1. "Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!"
  2. Nathan Fillion perhaps? Maybe he and Alan will be shooting scenes for anther season of Con Man
  3. Camera Operator Posted Yesterday, 10:54 PM Jean grey! Hope I can meet her on the sunday without a diamond pass ... I think it really depends on if you are wanting to stay all day or not. Last Year Richard Dean Anderson was an incredibly popular guest and had longQueues most of the day, but a fair few people were able to get autos from him near the end of the con as many people left before the day was out. Can't guarantee it of course but it is likely that if you stay right to the end of the day you will have a pretty good chance of getting to meet her. Either that or get there really early and get a low VQ ticket.
  4. Definitely one for the benefit of those with flash photography
  5. Met him in Newcastle in 2015. Good guest. Very articulate and passionate about the business
  6. Hope he will be able to make it this year. Met him last year. Very nice guy but didn't seem well. I think that everything is catching up with him
  7. Lilith the ancient, are you coming both days or just saturday as it appears that Ross has photoshoots on both days.
  8. Great Stuff. Already got Luke and Tom signatures. After Howard, I just need to get Santiago's to get the four musketeers. Any chance of getting Santiago here aswell?
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