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    First day

    I stepped out of the queue, way too long just for a pair of mugs. I did mange to get the box set with busts at around 6.08pm though but at around 7pm the queue was mental and looked a waste of time.
  2. waynevilla

    Merchandise at the Event

    I did pay the extra for us to go Friday. See you there!
  3. waynevilla

    Merchandise at the Event

    One more thing, is it best to print off the tickets as I have the eventbrite app and the passbook app with the scan square. I'd assume a hard copy as back up is best but is the event equipped with the mobile reader?
  4. waynevilla

    Merchandise at the Event

    What happens at registration? Why 4hrs on Friday and only 1hr on Saturday when there are more going to be there. If it is just to turn up to show your weekend ticket or day tickets then why so long on Friday? Confused.
  5. waynevilla

    Merchandise at the Event

    I'm still not clear on the goody bag. If I register on Friday will it be given to me on Friday.
  6. waynevilla

    Merchandise at the Event

    One more question sorry. I've not been to something this big before. If I do go on Friday with registration being from 2pm, does this mean I get to register my booked photo shoots for Saturday. If not, what happens for the 4hrs of registration and the 1hr saturday registration?
  7. waynevilla

    Merchandise at the Event

    I have received my link to upgrade for the weekend. I have a few questions. I will not be attending Sunday so am wanting opinions on is the £15 per ticket worth it for the Friday preview and goody bag. And also would the goody bag be given out on Friday instead of Saturday as it would be one less thing to carry.
  8. waynevilla

    Merchandise at the Event

    I am interested to know what merchandise will be available at the event from the various stalls and their expected prices. Any links and images would be a great help for planning.
  9. waynevilla

    Talk and Photo Shoots Update...

    I've got 7 photo shoots and 2 talks to get through on Saturday plus all the autograph queuing. Is that feasible or am I going to miss something?