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  1. So.... The Sheen talk was absolutely brilliant and it was great to see the interplay and chemistry between the two as they shared aspects of their personal lives and careers - so big thanks to Showmasters for making this happen - it truly was special and I loved all 60ish minutes of it. HOWEVER......... After having ordered this talk many months before-hand it was both surprising and disappointing that no-one that either myself or my wife spoke to (inc when we picked up our tickets on Thursday) actually knew anything concrete about where we were meant to queue. We were left under the impression that we would have to leave the main events hall and re-queue from outside BUT after inquiring at the Sales Desk, the Info Desk and various Blue & Red shirts as to where we would have to queue, the typical response was "we don't know yet" OR "it is still being worked out". Eventually at about 6:50 a helpful red shirt (at the Info Desk) advised that I would need to queue outside the Pillar Entrance door, a Tanoy announcement was made a few minutes later. Finally confirmation - excellent! When I got to the Pillar door there was about 5 or 6 other people waiting there. I was well chuffed, I managed to get myself away early enough from (the very late in the day) Iain McDiarmid photo shoot and would still get a decent front row seat (probably). After a reasonable queue had started to form a member of staff approached us all and said "why are you all queuing here?! We replied with the rather obvious - "we were told to queue here and....... because this is where the door is!" We were then told "No" we should be queuing up at another entrance that was behind us all, incidentally he pointed to the door where many of us had collected our Entrance tickets and Diamond Passes on Thursday no less. So the entire queue promptly about turned and made for the other door. Unfortunately this also meant that the back of the queue was now the front of the queue - oh joy! About 5mins later the same staff member approached the queue again and said "Sorry, they've changed their mind again - you have to all queue back down at the other door again!" Haha - as you can imagine this made us all very happy (especially when at that very moment it also started to rain). Granted he tried his best to maintain queue order - but really C'mon? Now I've since heard a few rumors about how it was actually NEC and not Showmasters that were calling the shots and the decisions being made about queuing BUT ultimately, from a paying audience members perspective, that shouldn't really matter. We paid for a 90min experience with a limited edition print. We got a 60ish min experience and no limited edition print. Many people, myself included, forgot about the "exclusive print" as there was more of a focus about telling us to remain in our seats while Martin and Charlie left the stage. Ultimately this simply reveals a lack of organisation and most importantly a lack of communication between the relevant parties concerned and unfortunately it is the Showmasters volunteers who are made to bear the brunt of this - which is simply not fair on them as they can only work with the information they are given (assuming they are given it). Now that the show has ended and there has been no updates as yet regards the "limited edition print" I trust that our address details can be used by Showmasters and possibly be pulled from our EventBrite account? Ever hopeful.. Darth-Marximus
  2. Hi I received email confirmation from EventBrite that my £211 Diamond Pass refund for Megan Fox was actioned and that is could take up to 7 days to show in my Bank. I checked the EventBrite App and while the Megan Fox ticket is still there it now has the word CANCELLED within it.
  3. Hi Queen, Yeah sometimes you just can't win :) Yes its the same email address I used on both here and the Eventbrite booking portal - I made 3 purchases within the one transaction: 3 day entry Meatloaf DP Megan Fox DP Hopefully though its just with it being over a W/E, however if you think there may be any issues then please let me know. Cheers
  4. That is so random... I would have thought that ALL necessary emails and subsequent refunds would be compiled together and any differences in timings beyond that would simply being down to individual banking practices. I'm also in favour of communicating both the Amazing stuff (of which there is plenty) AND the disappointing stuff on Social Media as opposed to random searching through forums.
  5. Argghhh! Obviously gutted as I've only just found out (by sheer chance) upon checking the ShowMasters webpage about Megan's unfortunate cancellation. While I understand this is totally outwith anyone's control I can however see (according to these forums) that this occurred approx 5hrs ago - roughly when Sam Neill was posted on Facebook as an attendee. I had a Diamond Pass booked for Megan - therefore can I please ask when the confirmation emails of her cancellation will be sent out acknowledging refunds as I would like to perhaps reinvest in alternate photo-shoots and/or Diamond Pass's for other celebrities. I've checked my emails and bank acc and nothing as yet - although it is the W/E Kind Regards DarthMarximus
  6. UPDATE: CRISIS AVERTED :) Thanks Queen_Sindel - I've just had a msg from Jason and my item should be with me hopefully by the end of the week. Its not missing in the depths of Royal Mails dungeon after all - huzza! Mark
  7. Sure no probs Queen, all help is welcome :)
  8. Hi Queen_Sindel, I have reached out to Jason with all the details on the 20th June and he advised that there had been an issue with approx 20% of the outgoing postal Pre-Orders but that RoyalMail were working on a solution. I've email Jason again today as he was gong to looking into this further yesterday so hopefully we shall see what the update is. Just wondering about other folks on here as normally there is never any issue with previous Pre-Orders.
  9. I'm afraid I'm still waiting on a Highlander poster I sent in via Pre-Orders to be returned. I hope it arrives as it has 3 signatures on it: Christopher Lambert, Beatie Edney and Roxanne Hart. I paid a good amount of money for the canvas poster too - however its been a somewhat worryingly long time since Collectormania 25. Did you ever get your stuff?
  10. Absolutely Amazing guest - now we definitely need Nancy Allen! ShowMasters you may want to change the title image for Peter Weller because that ain't him in the Robo helmet - (its actually Robert Burke from the "Classic" Robocop 3 - you know the one we don't talk about.
  11. Hi gang, Having just nabbed myself a Diamond Pass for Megan I was wondering if/how DP holders can upgrade their included standard photoshoot to a "Megan + Bumbleee" photo op instead? Sorry of this has already been asked (couldn't see it anywhere). Cheers in advance!
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