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  1. When Will photo shoot schedule be posted ? I'm a little bit nervous : I've booked photo with -RDA -MjFOX -Sigourney Weaver -Robert Englund -Christopher Lloyd All this in one day : sunday !!! HOPE won't be CLASH😰
  2. Answer is : Hulk Hogan and his manager Jimmy Hart ...
  3. Hello SM, Hulk HOGAN would be the ice on the cake !!!! Did you try to get him to the show ?
  4. And if I ask him to sign only " RDA", what do you think ?
  5. Hello, one question very important for me : Will RDA agrees to sign on swiss knives ? Will I be able to bring my personal one and make it signed by RDA ? Thanks
  6. Ok, my objetives are : 1 photo with Christopher + 1 photo with RDA + signature with them, and then if I have the time, signatures with the rest of BTTF cast , Zach Galligan and Kevin Eastman... All that in 1 day !!! Sunday, busy sunday !!!!
  7. Never been at London film comic con, how long do you estimate the queue (autographs) for RDA ? Christopher LLoyd ? ... For me, arrival time will be around 7am on sunday
  8. Hello, hope you won't plan RDA and Christopher LLoyd's photo shoots at the same time !!!!!!
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